TikTok: Trend or Triumph?

TikTok: Trend or Triumph?

Kids aren’t the only ones on TikTok anymore. That’s right. Real live adults are infiltrating the app that was once overrun by the youth of America. By the way, if you’re reading this and you aren’t on TikTok yet, here's why you should consider it as more than just a trend. 

Hold on, what’s TikTok?

It’s a social media platform that allows users to create and post short-form video content. Users also browse and engage with other content creators. Just like other social platforms, as engagement increases, so does the user’s following. 

The cold hard facts about TikTok.

In less than 18 months, the number of US adult TikTok users grew 5.5 times. You’ve been warned, people from every generation are hopping on the “trend”. TikTok isn’t worried. There are 800 million users currently on TikTok, with 90% of them using the app daily for an average of 52 minutes. Collectively they help TikTok average around 1 billion video views per day! That’s quite a resume.

How can a dancing app help my brand?

Ok, that’s a myth, it’s not just a dancing app. You can find all kinds of different content on TikTok, they’ve even been making an effort lately to move toward education on the app. With the diversity in the content you find on TikTok, you will be able to reach a whole new audience. Not just a new audience, but a younger one too. TikTok allows you to be more creative with your marketing efforts and not everything has to be a hard sell. 

Video content is something you don’t want to miss out on and 75% of the world’s video viewing is mobile. Enter TikTok. Your audience is more likely to share video content, with their community, more than any other type of content. TikTok understands this more than most and that’s why brands, big and small, are already headed to TikTok or are already there gaining major ground.

But I don’t have a video budget…

TikTok is a great way to add firepower to your digital marketing department and you don’t need to add extra staff or hire a video team. TikTok has all the tools you need to create engaging content right in-app. Video editing, voiceover, transition, captions, GIFs, special effects, music, voice effects, and more. Basically, if you can dream it up, you can make it happen with this powerful app. 

Quick Tips:

  • Good lighting and a quiet place to film are ideal
  • Be original & authentic
  • Try to participate in trends and use trending sounds
  • Short captions are best on TikTok and you don’t need a bazillion hashtags

Once I create a TikTok...now what?

One of my favorite things about TikTok is your posts don’t have a shelf life. Meaning, once you make a post, that post has a lot of potential for an unknown amount of time. I’ve seen videos get one hundred views in the first day, and then have a million views a few days later. No other social media app has that. In fact, Instagram and Facebook posts have around 24 hours to do what they’re going to do. 

Your TikTok post has potential beyond TikTok too. TikTok has all the tools to share your posts to your other social networks. You can even embed your post on your website, for even higher visibility and engagement with your site.

TikTok also provides you with powerful analytics that can guide how you post, when you post, and who you are posting for. This will help you build your audience and grow a loyal fanbase. 

TikTok is here to stay. 

If you’re not on TikTok ask yourself, why not? If it’s because you are barely keeping up with your other social platforms then it may be smart to focus on getting a solid footing on those platforms first. People are going to your Facebook page to check your hours, but they’ll go to your TikTok to be entertained. If your other social media platforms are regularly maintained, it could be time to think about how TikTok can drive brand awareness and loyalty. 

We are all calling it a trend, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As TikTok continues to expand and grow, the experience only gets better and attracts more users. The best news? You can still carve out your place in the TikTok world. Download it, have fun, and create the content you want to see out there in the world. 

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Posted by Josh Cooper at 07:00