Why One Site Doesn’t Fit All

The Need for Industry Expertise: Why One Site Doesn’t Fit All

When choosing a digital partner, it’s important to look for someone with both a creative mindset and a deep knowledge of the industry in which you're positioned. As a web design and digital marketing agency, we've worked with organizations from dozens of industries in our 20+ year history, from nonprofits and visitor attractions to doctor's offices, real estate, restaurants and arts organizations. A partner that has a knowledge of your industry will better understand industry trends and ultimately the true purpose of your site. 

If you’ve found a web design partner that does great work in your space, your next question is likely, “but how will you make my site unique?” A good digital partner will understand the trends and insights to keep you competitive, but will also take the time to get to know what makes your organization unique, so it can be represented in the look, feel, and function.  

For both the Humane Rescue Alliance and the Atlanta Humane Society, we referenced our vast knowledge of mission-based and animal-centered organizations. However, for each of these projects we took a deep dive with each organization specifically to ensure each site had a distinctive aesthetic. 


HRA’s Story

Humane Rescue Alliance needed a brand new web presence to better educate, inform, and encourage their community to adopt rescue animals. Based out of Washington, DC, they honor “more than 150 years of commitment to protecting animals, supporting families, and advocating for positive change to create a world where all animals can thrive.” We dove right into designing them a custom site that would honor their dense history, as well as highlight the incredible impact that HRA has every day on their community.  

The site is welcoming, with both real photos and animated animal imagery throughout. In our experience working with animal care organizations, we’ve found that captivating imagery is what best connects visitors to the call to action. The “Find a Companion” CTA is viewable on every corner of the website, encouraging visitors to picture themselves making the step towards adopting a furry friend.

It was because of Humane Rescue Alliance’s website success that they referred the Atlanta Humane Society to Speak. Even though HRA and AHS are different organizations with individual needs serving communities 600 miles apart, their quest to take action against animal cruelty and displacement remains the same.  

All About AHS

As a no-kill shelter providing sheltering, adoption, veterinary care, and community outreach, Atlanta Humane’s mission is to “better lives, instill compassion, and uplift [their] whole community by connecting homeless animals with good homes and providing neglected animals with safe spaces.” They work together with animal advocates, other animal welfare organizations, volunteers, and community partners to save lives. They needed a website that would equip and inspire its’ visitors on first glance.

The goal in the redesign was to create a great user experience with a focus on adoption and donations. The emphasis on the word “save” is due to the impactfulness of a simple animation to captivate the user’s attention. The incredible stories of their staff members and volunteers are sprinkled throughout, to give the viewer both the human and animal connection. Giving potential donors or volunteers this viewpoint helps convert them faster into intentional, actionable assets to AHS. 

Industry Specific Insight

We take pride in knowing the rescue and nonprofit industry well, but always keep it top of mind to create sites that are each unique and purposeful towards their organization’s goals. For example, we work with many zoos and aquariums who have similar missions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a site to reflect their individual brand presence. We’re a one stop shop here, but we don’t make one-size-fits-all sites. Our goal is to equip you with the website and resources that will allow you to own your space. 

The Digital Director at HRA, Dani Rizzo, had a few words about partnering with us. 

“Speak’s creativity and expertise has allowed the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) to accomplish more for the animals we care for and the communities we serve. From website design to digital marketing, Speak is a leader in the industry, but more importantly they have become part of the HRA family. We couldn’t do our important work without them.” 

Refer A Friend Or Reach Out

We love our long term partners, and we love when they take pride in their new site and recommend us to another organization looking for a new digital presence.  Have someone that could benefit from partnering with Speak? Let us know.

In the meantime, check out their sites for yourself at humanerescuealliance.org and atlantahumane.org. Like what you see? Let’s talk through your organization’s digital marketing needs. 

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