The Great Speak Pumpkin Showdown

The Great Speak Pumpkin Showdown

Ghouls, Gals, and every Speakster in between were invited to compete in our first-ever Speak Pumpkin Showdown yesterday. Any employee, in-office or remote, had the opportunity to participate in the old-fashioned pumpkin carving competition for this year's Halloween party. With a one-hour planning session and a 4-day deadline, our staff could be seen hard at work carving away at their soon-to-be-masterpieces. The fun part? There were no rules on mediums or materials used on the pumpkins. 

Fourteen submissions made for a tough competition. Judging was completed Thursday by a panel of 6 Speak employees, as well as social media input from our adoring fans.

The judges voted on the following awards: 
Best Overall 
Most Creative

The Submissions

Before we tell you who won, it's worth taking a look at all 14 of our submissions. We're still working on trademarking our ideas, so there's still time to use one of our designs to win your own company's competition.

Here are the titles of each submission and the pitch submitted by the pumpkin artists themselves:

  1. So Cute You Will Have Nightmares
  2. Bruh you ate me Obviously, “Bruh you ate me” is the superior pumpkin. Not only is there a very aggressive looking carnivore pumpkin (super spooky, I know), but there is a very cute baby pumpkin inside. Note: no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this scene. 
  3. Amy's Submission :) Vote for me - the one-armed pumpkin carver!  ... well kind of! lol 
  4. No Triks All Treets You know.
  5. The Goofy Gourd Goofy Gourd's great grin, gives giggles and gaggles to ghoulish friends. Through gobbles and gulps of Godiva and gummies, give props and show love for this gourd-ish dummy. 
  6. "Go Big or Gourd Home"
  7. Nothing Spookier Than A Knifed Doughnut! “if you can’t commit to a whole doughnut you don’t deserve the doughnut” - matt grayson
  8. Super C. Pepo - Mario in the Cucurbita Pepo world
  9. Pumpkin Pierate Ship The pumpkin spice trade has been most profitable.
  10. Peaches the Pumpkin "My favorite things about fall are PSLs, flannel and apple picking. I guess you could say I'm a basic peach" 
  11. "All I Want for Halloween Is My Two Front Teeth"
  12. Pupkin
  13. Stephen's Spooky Pumpkin I tried to make a spooky pumpkin, and this was the result. SPOOKS
  14. Spooky Pumpkin It's a pumpkin, and it's spooky. 

The Winners

While the competition was fierce, there were a few pumpkins that pulled away from the pack. Here are the winners of our first annual pumpkin showdown. 

Best Overall - Spooky Pumpkin
Most Creative - Nothing Spookier Than A Knifed Doughnut!
Spookiest - Stephen's Spooky Pumpkin

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