The Building Blocks of a Solid Social Presence

The Building Blocks of a Solid Social Presence

I don’t have to tell you how important social media is to your audience. In fact, you probably found this blog through social media, so you already know the power of social platforms. However, you may find yourself wondering how an organization sets out to capture more legitimate leads with their online presence. What do people want to see from your social media platforms? Which tactics actually work and which ones are a waste of time? What’s the best way to talk to your audience on social media? 

The bad news is that you can’t answer these questions until you know your audience well. The good news is that with the right tools to guide you, it’s fairly simple to understand your audience. Learning how to craft your social presence unique to your audience is as easy as 123. First, learn about who your audience is and why you’re targeting them. Then, what action do you want them to take after experiencing your brand? And finally, how can you maximize their engagement? 

1. Who Am I Targeting?

Rather than blindly guessing who your target audience is, it’s important to look at the whole picture. We do this using a marketing persona approach, which is the profile of an imaginary person that might represent your audience demographic. Most organizations have a few different personas that they adhere to and creating those personas sets the foundation that will dictate the nature of all of your touch points, or interactions, with your audience. Your marketing personas will determine all of your marketing efforts, but specifically your social content and any other activity that relates to engaging customers online.  

Here’s an example of what your marketing personas might look like:


Credit: boag world

Want to learn more about marketing personas?  Need help crafting your personas? Use our free guide to craft your personas and put them to use.  

2. What do I want my audience to do?

Before putting out a piece of content online, think about what action you want your user to take in the end. When you see an instagram post, for example, you should know what action that brand wants you to take. Those CTAs, or calls to action, are not always just purchasing the product. It’s important to keep the intent of your posts in mind to drive your content decisions. If you’re wondering how often you should post certain types of content, check out our blog on What to Post on Social Media: The 70/20/10 rule.  It should be a natural flow between their viewing of the content to the next stage of awareness of action. Also keep in mind that your CTA could change based upon the platform you’re on and the particular persona you’re trying to reach. Some CTAs include:

  • Building general brand awareness
  • Purchasing the good or service
  • Establishing credibility as a organization
  • Share about their positive experience/Write a Review
  • Engage with the post and share it with their audience 

3. How Can I Expand My Reach?

You can have solid personas and a great call to action, but those won’t grow fruit unless you’re actually reaching people with your content. So what can you do now to increase the number of impressions your content will bring?  

Hashtag Your Posts. To some, this is second nature. But no matter which social media platform you’re on, it’s important to include a few hashtags on your posts. If you’re having trouble coming up with hashtag ideas, include the type of content that it is (such as #blogpost), the type of organization your business is (#pediatricdentistry), geographical information (#memphis), or what kind of services your organization offers (#teethcleaning). Don’t be afraid to use a hashtag generator to show you what other people are using in your space. Pro tip: For Instagram, we recommend commenting on your own post which automatically collapses the hashtags and doesn’t crowd the content itself. For other social platforms, be sure to place your hashtags in the very last lines of the caption, so that your content is what’s visible first. The hashtag possibilities are virtually endless, but aim for 6-10 hashtags per post. With twitter, you’re much more limited on the amount of characters, so just aim for 1 or 2. Lastly, follow hashtags on your organization’s account to see where other organizations in your space are seeing success. 

Respond to Engagement. It’s that simple. A general best practice is to respond to any engagement on your organization’s social media, whether that be comments or direct messages. It’ll create goodwill between you and that customer with each interaction. It will also allow your content to be pushed to the top once there has been a mutual interaction between accounts. This insight comes from the highly detailed Instagram algorithm rules that can get murky if you’re new to the digital marketing space. 

Make Your Visuals Top Notch. In 2021, consumers are inundated with visuals all day long. Ads are everywhere. Art can be found in any corner. There are more social media platforms than we can count. It’s up to you to create social posts and ads that will not only grab attention, but sustain that attention and leave the viewer wanting to learn more. Canva is a free tool that we’ve mentioned before, but make it a priority to invest in the talent or partner that can create things that are both beautiful and functional to convert your consumers.  

Mention Other Businesses. If you do businesses with other organizations, tag them in your captions and photos to expand your reach. Did a new company move into your building? Did you get a local catering group to sponsor your team lunch? Post about it! And tag them. They’ll appreciate the exposure, and you’ll reach members of their audience for the first time.

Collaborate With Others. Speaking of other organizations, another way to expand your reach is to team up with other businesses in your area to double your reach potential. Is there another group you can do a giveaway with in your area? Is there an event you can sponsor or a nonprofit your team can volunteer with?  

While all of these tips have been free ways to help increase your reach, they’re merely incremental changes. Based on our expertise, we know that the real reach comes from those who are willing to invest in social. So our final tip, and potentially the most effective of them all, is to prioritize your ad spend. We discuss the best strategies to paid social in season 2 of our podcast, A Little Off Topic. Listen to the episode here. 

Invest in Ads. If you feel like you’ve been utilizing the tips above and still aren’t getting the traffic you need, consider investing in social media ads. Facebook makes it fairly simple to create, execute, and track ads on their site. Just a few dollars a day can get your product or service in front of hundreds of relevant eyes. If you’re looking to expand your presence beyond just a few ads per year, it might be time to consider investing in a digital partner that knows all the ins and outs of social ads. We might know some folks.   

While all of these tips are helpful, these may not all be feasible at one time. Feel empowered to customize your own roadmap for how to digitally convert your customers in bite size chunks. Focus on one goal such as “Host One Giveaway This Month” or “Respond To All Social Media Comments this week” and add on more as you master more habits. Be patient with your audience and don’t forget to celebrate the small wins as often as possible. 

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