#SpeakWeek2015: A Time for Planning, Team Building and Fun

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#SpeakWeek2015: A Time for Planning, Team Building and Fun

What if someone told you that they could show you a way to increase collaboration, improve communication, increase employee satisfaction and energize your team. It sounds too good to be true, right?

For the fourth year in a row, we're putting it to the test. Each year, our team takes one week to turn in and work on all things Speak, and this is the week. The entire team from our digital agency is currently in our Memphis office participating in a variety of meetings, games, brainstorming sessions and other activities that will bring us together, grow us as a team and create new ideas. While the activities for the week are generally kept heavily underwraps to add an element of surprise or suspense for the entire team (we've been told to bring tennis shoes and athletic gear....), the basic premise of the week is to reenergize our brand in order to do better work for our clients.

Holding #SpeakWeek2015 in January allows us to put our entire year in order, and we come out with fresh outlooks that help ourselves, our colleagues and our clients.

Although we will be focusing inward this week, we will still take time to catch up on emails and phone calls to continue providing service to our great clients on their websites, mobile apps and content strategies. For those of you who maybe haven't worked with us yet, or aren't currently in a project, we encourage you to follow us on our Twitter and Instagram pages to keep up with all of our activities. We'll be tweeting using the #SpeakWeek2015 hashtag.

What kind of activities do you think we should do during Speak Week?

Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 9:00 AM