Speak's Top 5 Picks for Nonprofit Web Designs That Drive Traffic, Donations, and Better Engagement

Speak's Top 5 Picks for Nonprofit Web Designs That Drive Traffic, Donations, and Better Engagement

Having an effective and compelling website is a vital first step in any nonprofit’s marketing strategy. However, this can feel like a tall order for many nonprofits who must leverage their complex needs within a framework that relies on a tight budget often driven by grants and external funding. 

Speak has been working with nonprofit organizations across the nation for more than twenty years, so we’re more than a little familiar with the many moving parts that go into the vital work nonprofits do in and for their communities. We’re passionate about helping nonprofits maximize their impact by equipping them with beautiful online experiences that are designed to connect visitors to their mission and inspire them to engage more deeply through giving, volunteering, and beyond. 

Today, we’re showcasing five of our favorite websites we’ve built for nonprofit organizations over the last few years that check all the boxes. Read on to learn how Speak helped these nonprofits grow a loyal following and embolden more web visitors than ever to engage in the work they do. 

1. Humane Rescue Alliance

A longtime partner of Speak, the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) is the result of more than 150 years of animal rescue and advocacy work in the Washington, D.C. area. HRA came to us needing a full service digital partner who could help them build a new website and digital marketing strategy to promote their community-focused values while also growing their recognition and building their reach across the U.S. 

We worked with HRA to find the right mix of showcasing their crucial rescue efforts and designing a warm, welcoming digital space for visitors to find the perfect furry friend to adopt. To meet both of these needs, Speak honed in on exactly who was using the HRA site, built out personas to identify their specific pain points, and in the end, created an easily navigable, interactive website experience that compels and moves people to action. 

Now, HRA is growing their audience and awareness, driving traffic to their site, and converting more visitors than ever before with a website that meets all their goals. The website captures a vision of community that honors both vital services and spotlights the mission of the Alliance. 


When MIFA was ready to redesign their website in 2022, we partnered with them to create a design that marries their vision of uniting their community through service (volunteering and donations) and their mission of supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis. 

We employed a UX design that ensures that no visitor misses the impact of MIFA’s vital work, nursing home and rehabilitation resources for those who need them, or opportunities to get involved in MIFA’s work through volunteering or donating. 

The homepage is bright and engaging, with stats that highlight their impact and a three-pronged CTA that serves to quickly drive users to further navigate the website and connects those in need of MIFA’s help to assistance and encourages community members to donate or volunteer. 

“Speak makes a complex and intimidating process so smooth and easy. And they are kind and fun to work with! We now have a beautiful, dynamic new site with all the latest functionality.” – Ellen Whitten, Director of Impact and Communications, MIFA

3. A Step Ahead Foundation


A Step Ahead Foundation is on a mission to improve educational, economic, and health outcomes for women by providing access to and information around birth control. 

Their website gets at the heart of this mission, centering compelling imagery and video that places the women they help at the center of their story. Womens’ health and family planning can be intimidating and overwhelming, but the A Step Ahead website features engaging interactive buttons and animations that keep the site feeling light and guide visitors from page to page in a way that maximizes the user experience and offers information in approachable, accessible ways. 

The site we built of A Step Ahead is designed to drive donations and engagement, with an Events feature on the homepage that highlights their focus on their local community and several Donate CTA buttons throughout the site. 

The website is informative without losing the ethos at the center of A Step Ahead’s work. We incorporated photos and videos as well as client testimonials throughout the site that keep it friendly, comforting to navigate, and full of heart. 

4. Association of Zoos and Aquariums

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is dedicated to advancing the conservation, education, recreation, science and discovery initiatives of zoos and aquariums. Their website is intentioned around connecting and amplifying these efforts across AZA-accredited organizations globally. 

We built them a website that does exactly that, with a homepage replete with featured news and updates, an easy-to-use navigation, smooth functionality, and an intentional focus on the pillars of their work: Accreditation, Animal Management, Conservation, and Equity & Inclusion.

With a website designed to connect zoos and aquariums to these important missions, drive donations, and move people, AZA can set the standards for the zoos and aquariums they’re committed to bettering. 

5. Lung Cancer Research Foundation

The Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF) aims to improve lung cancer outcomes by funding research for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of lung cancer. As an organization on the cutting-edge of research, they needed a modern website that would allow users to easily navigate their resources. Additionally, they wanted to feature stories of survivors to bring hope to an often devastating subject. 

Through our strategic design process and attention to detail, we gave them a site that is impressive in both design and performance. 

LCRF needed a site that would highlight key statistics and promote the diverse stories of survivors. Lung cancer often is misbelieved to be less common than other types of cancer, to only be a “smoker’s disease” and to disproportionately affect men over women. The LCRF site is fact-forward and informative, all while conveying the need for their work and helping them drive funding and research grant opportunities. 

Move people with a nonprofit website custom built to meet all your needs. 

The team at Speak has been building nonprofit websites for over twenty years. If you’re looking for a new site that will make an impact for your organization and move people, give us a shout. We’ll create a stunning and seamless online experience that will help your organization do more.

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