Speak's Adoption Assistance Work Perk (Video)

Speak's Adoption Assistance Work Perk (Video)

Adoption assistance as a work perk

Working at Speak comes with several benefits: fun team, Mac computers, half-day Fridays and even adoption assistance. Part of the mission here is a commitment to doing good. And doing good goes beyond our everyday operations and projects. 

BJ is one of a few team members who has adopted and received assistance from Speak - assistance in the form of monetary compensation and flexible time to fulfill adoption requirements.

For BJ and his family, this perk is crucial for navigating the adoption process. Without it, they wouldn’t be the same family. It’s allowed them to travel for court dates, take time for home studies, and have the financial resources to make everything happen so a child can be welcomed into a loving family. 

BJ admits, they’re “adoptaholics” at this point because the experience is so wonderful for their entire family. It’s about doing good beyond the day-to-day operations of Speak. It’s about doing good in all areas of our lives. 

Why Adoption?

At this moment, at least 100,000 kids are adoption ready in the U.S. Foster Care system. Kids who need loving families to bring them in and cherish them. Many families are willing to adopt but the means of adoption are limiting. By that we mean money and flexible schedules to be able to adopt. Most families don’t have thousands of extra dollars laying around that can be used for adoption and they can’t take weeks off of work to complete the adoption process. So for many it’s not a reality even though they are open to adoption. 

This is where Speak comes in. As BJ mentioned, the adoption process would be nearly impossible if Speak didn’t provide any assistance. Speak makes it possible for families to jump into adoption and not worry so much about the burden of funding and time off. 

While adoption isn’t easy, especially the process of adopting, it’s one way we’re committed to doing good and encouraging our team to do good through their families. 

Our Commitment To Doing Good

Yes, we certainly focus on producing remarkable website designs, digital marketing solutions, web development and interactive media. That’s our everyday focus, but it’s much more than the work for us. We give everything to our work but we give everything to all aspects of our lives, which means we’re focused on doing good while we’re working and while we’re not. 

Adoption assistance is one way doing good is encouraged. To do good with our families. To bring kids in and make them our own. To recognize Speak is a means of living for all of us and we desire to live vibrant lives. For some of us, that includes bringing wonderful children in and giving them a vibrant life as well.