#SpeakHalftime: Our Upcoming Company Retreat

#SpeakHalftime: Our Upcoming Company Retreat

Speak Halftime is here.

Back in January, you might have followed along with the speed-typing competitions, dodgeball games, and strategy sessions that made up #SpeakWeek2015. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be at it again this Sunday through Tuesday for Speak Halftime at a beautiful lodge outside of Nashville, the home of our digital agency’s second office.

During Speak Week, we talked about everything from our own personal brand to our processes for work and the successes of our clients as well as the growth of our company. After that week, we were able to implement some major changes that had a big impact on our client relationships, and the way we work. We are still pressing forward on the goals we set that week, and this mid-year retreat will keep us motivated to push through the year.

Since Speak Week, we have also added several new employees (including 4 in the past 4 weeks!), so we think this retreat is perfectly timed for new friendships to form and old relationships to strengthen. How else will this retreat benefit the Speak team and our clients?

Cross-Team Collaboration

We have several different teams throughout Speak, but it’s important for us to remember that we all make up parts of the entire Speak pie. By participating in Speak Halftime activities with coworkers from a variety of other job functions, we can better understand each other’s roles and how we can have each other’s backs on the road to end goals. 

Renewed Creativity

In his book The Rise of the Creative Class, American economist Richard Florida calls creativity “the most highly prized commodity in our economy.” But there’s a catch, he says: “Creativity comes from people” and it can’t be “turned on and off at will.” We think he’s onto something there, as creativity drives Speak daily. That’s why it’s so important to take this time together to unwind, brainstorm, share ideas and make suggestions. You might not be able to turn creativity “on and off at will,” but you can take time out of your usual routine to grow it and develop it. Who knows, we could come back to the office with some of our best ideas yet!

Overcome Fears

We’re not talking about trust falls and blindfolds, but conversations over meals and engaging challenges could bring out concerns and stressors in a safe, team environment where we can work through them together. When we look up from our computers and pause our regular workflows, we have the chance recognize and confront any potential issues that may have not been on our radar.

Follow the fun

Although we'll be out of the office, we'll still be checking in on and managing projects and client communication. We'll also be sharing what we're up to and how we’re benefitting from our time away. To keep up with all the fun, follow #SpeakHalftime on your favorite social network to see what we're up to.