Speak Creative Continues Growth in Tennessee and Adds Staff

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Speak Creative Continues Growth in Tennessee and Adds Staff

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Speak Creative Continues Growth in Tennessee and Adds Staff

Memphis and Nashville, Tenn. (July 25, 2016 ) - Speak Creative, a Nashville and Memphis based digital agency continues to see year-over-year growth and strong interest from clients nationally for web design, mobile app, digital marketing and custom development services. With this growth, Speak has added four new hires in the last two months.

The growing demand for digital services paired with the agency’s critical focus on creating movement for their clients has kept this relatively small staff busy over the last several years, and the additional hires expand the company significantly.  

The new hires hail from four different cities: Nashville, Birmingham, Portland and Memphis. At current count the multi-location agency employs 28 specialists across its team, and feels poised for continued growth.

“I’m excited to see how 2016 shakes out for us; and the addition of new staff was done carefully and strategically” said Jacob Savage, owner and CEO of Speak Creative. “We’ve seen consistent interest from the Nashville community in our services and adding key team members there allows us to more closely connect to the clients we serve. In Memphis, we’ve added experienced specialists to our development and digital marketing teams as more and more clients look to us for these services.”

The additions bring more depth to the development, digital marketing and business development teams in both markets.

Suzi Richey joined the team as content strategist and returns to Memphis after several years spent in Birmingham and D.C.

Jacob Sowles, a web developer in Portland, Ore., joins the team as a remote-based employee.

Sarah Perry, a Nashville native recently named a Top 40 under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal, joins the team to lead business development in the Music City.

Matt Grayson rejoined the team in Memphis, bringing many years of web and mobile development expertise back to Speak.

Earlier this year the company announced plans to build a new headquarters in East Memphis. This 6,000 sq. ft. office space resides in the heart of the city and allows for continued expansion by the agency. The Nashville arm of the company moved in January 2016 from Music Row to its new home at 6979 Sunnywood Drive in Lennox Village and serves clients throughout the Nashville metro area.

Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 14:59