Speak Becomes Google Partner

Speak Becomes Google Partner

Speak Creative earned its badge as a certified Google Partner, giving Speak clients exclusive access to Google representatives as well as up-to-date information on Google’s trends and processes.

To earn Google Partner status, companies must exhibit expertise in Google AdWords, meet the required ad spend, maintain consistent client growth, and have team members become certified in a Google program such as search or Adwords.

We know what is running through your mind.

“Okay, cool. What does this mean for me?”

With our designation as a Google Partner, we have a dedicated team of experts at Google that can help us every step of the way, from campaign creation to implementation and from optimization to performance review.

Now certified, we can maximize ad spend opportunities for clients. Our team strives to efficiently and effectively operate advertising campaigns and search engine optimization for our digital marketing clients. With Google only an email or call away, we are confident that our clients will benefit from this valuable partnership.

Specifically, you can expect the following benefits to have a positive impact on your business.

Google Watches Our Accounts

As a Google Partner, we have dedicated Google contacts that are able to assist us in account management. Our contacts consistently examine each client’s account, reporting on performance and relaying any suggestions to our team at Speak.

Your partnership with Speak – and by extension with Google – allows you direct access within Google’s brick-and-mortar and should assure you that your campaigns are in quality hands.

Google Trains Us on Best Practices

Being a Google Partner gives us a window into best practices specific to Google. We receive product training, sales training, and updates on Google’s latest trends. Additionally, our Google contacts alert us when they recognize opportunities for client growth.

Our team at Speak values the insight that our Google contacts provide us. We understand that their guidance can increase conversions, maximize pay-per-click results, and improve search engine ranking for you, the client.

Google Welcomes Open Communication

When Speak needs backup, our contacts have the answer. A benefit of being a Google Partner, we have direct access to our Google contacts whenever we need assistance. Google provides ongoing support and is available to meet at our request.

For clients, this means that our questions about your Google campaigns will be resolved with ease. We get answers straight from the source. That excites us.

For additional details about certification, visit the Google Partner certification badge site.

Are you interested in learning more about how our Google Partner status can impact your business? Give us a shout by visiting the link below.

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