Sourcing Great Talent: New Digital Marketing & Development Team Members

Sourcing Great Talent: New Digital Marketing & Development Team Members

Our team is growing again and the talent we’ve added is remarkable. Our two newest Speak teammates come from opposite sides of the continental United States and very diverse backgrounds, but their respective talents and experiences made them a perfect fit for our team.  Welcome Jacob Sowles and Suzi Richey to Speak, and get to know them a bit more below.

Meet Suzi, our newest digital marketing strategist

Why are you excited to work at Speak?

With so many interesting clients to work with and for, there is always something new to do and learn each day. In my role, it is particularly exciting to blend the creative and analytical sides of marketing - creating content that drives true, measurable results. Plus, the high caliber of work produced by my new coworkers makes me proud to be part of such a smart and creative group of people.

What kind of prior experience do you bring to the team?

Since graduating from Rhodes College in 2009, I have worked mainly in non-profit settings. From international associations in Washington, DC, to the art museum in Birmingham, AL, my background has always been in marketing and communications, specifically in writing, editing, and content-generating roles. At Speak, I am able to bring together my skills and experience to create cohesive, digital solutions for clients.

How do you spend your time outside of Speak?

My husband, Art, and I love to travel, but lately we have been spending a lot of time exploring our new home, Memphis. I grew up here, but it is amazing to see all of the great new additions in town since I moved away seven years ago. We love being with friends and family, going to festivals, seeing live music, trying all the incredible restaurants, and making a home in Midtown. On a typical night, we can most likely be found cooking, sipping wine, and spending time with our dog-child, Otis the corgi.


Meet Jacob, our newest web developer

What brought you to Speak?

More than anything, I came to Speak seeking a lifestyle change. I want to work for a company that I believe in and that believes in me. I want to grow my skill set and work with smart, fun people. I want flexibility to work remotely so that I can spend more time my wife. I’ve only been here a (very) short time, but I’m already seeing signs that Speak is the right fit.

Give us a glimpse into your past work experiences and how those apply to what you'll do here. 

My technical skills will certainly transfer from past jobs, but just as importantly, I’ve developed professionalism, collaborative skills, and self-sufficiency that will serve me well here. Coming from a team for which I was the only developer and supporting many different clients, I’ve had a fair amount of trials by fire. Between those experiences and the fact that I’m joining an already strong development team, I’m excited to see what we can do.

Tell us about the things you like to do in your free time.

My wife and I live currently in Canby, Oregon, while we work on building our home in Rainier. We hope to eventually have a mostly self-sustaining homestead with goats, chickens, gardens and the whole nine yards. I also dabble in music - drums and guitar being my favorite.

As you can see, our search for the best takes us from coast-to-coast, so having the ability to hire top notch talent who can live and work remotely has lead to some of our success. We are thrilled to have Suzi and Jacob on board, and hope you'll help welcome them too.

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