Social Media Week and What We're Expecting

Social Media Week and What We're Expecting

In the world of social media, it seems that each week we're learning about a new app, a new must-have filter, a new way to advertise or a new feature for our favorite network (hello multi-login on Instagram! It's SO great to meet you).

If you have accounts across multiple social networks, you know it's a lot to manage on a daily basis. Multiplying that by amazing clients in all realms of the world, from churches to orthodontists to restaurants, and that time spent only multiplies. Lucky for us, we're not alone. To stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients cutting edge solutions and know-how, we rely on frequent training from industry leaders. Sometimes that training happens from our computer screen, and sometimes it takes us across the country, or in this case to The Big Apple.

Social Media Week in NYC

Next week, members of our team will be traveling to New York City for Social Media Week- Five full days of all-you-can-tweet knowledge, research and thought provoking conversations with the best in the biz. We'll hear from members of media giants, like Buzzfeed, Mashable and New York Times, and receive invaluable training on the future of digital marketing.

Social Media Week in New York

Classes for the conference are being held in two different venues, one a historic theatre and another a world-class publications exclusive event space, and classes range from bringing GIFs into your marketing strategy (which we already have an upper-hand on, thanks to our gif meistro) to maximizing social ROI on a small-business budget.

While our heads will be full of new, big and bold ideas after the conference, that's not to say the trip will be all work and no play. We've gotten recommendations from some of our favorite chefs on some exquisite dining spots, and will be able to do a little sightseeing while we're away (for one of us, it's the first time traveling to NYC!). We're expecting a week full of learning and looking forward to being challenged to think in new ways about social media, review management, content curation and how technology impacts our lives.

Social Media Week in New York

Upon our return, we'll be taking those big ideas and turning them into reality for digital marketing clients, creating new content ideas, pushing the limits to help grow their audience online. We're looking forward to hearing from other agencies from around the country and invigorate our passions for helping business move forward.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Are you one of our digital marketing clients? We can't wait to show you what we'll learn, and you'll have full access to all the knowledge we can pack into 5 days! In fact, as your digital partner we'll be sharing notes, thoughts and inspirations from throughout the conference on our social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, but even better, you'll have help implementing these ideas on your own platforms.

If we're not currently your digital marketing partner, we'd love to take the opportunity to talk more about the future of your social media and how we can help. Contact one of our digital marketing specialists to learn more.


Do you have a social media or digital marketing question that needs answered? Drop us an email, and we'll do our best to find the answer for you next week!

Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 16:26