SiteWrench is Not as Intimidating as You Think

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SiteWrench is Not as Intimidating as You Think

As the dedicated “support guru” on our SiteWrench website platform, I’m here to convince you that our content management system (CMS) is not as intimidating as you think. I started out as a client just like you, with no formal education in computer science or technology. When I was first introduced to SiteWrench, I feared that this custom CMS was somehow meant for “savvy computer people.” You know the type – people who code Minecraft and hack into the CIA. Those people.

I discovered very quickly that I could manage SiteWrench just as easily as Facebook and a Word processor because SiteWrench was built with everyday users in mind. If a music performance major like me with no formal background in computers can master SiteWrench, so can you.

Where to Begin with SiteWrench

Once you login to SiteWrench, you will see the dashboard, with your sidebar navigation to the left. An example of the sidebar navigation is shown below. Some of the icons on this example sidebar may not appear for you depending on your permissions access and your SiteWrench plan. Now I’ll go in order from the top to the bottom of the sidebar, explaining what each icon represents.
custom cms | SiteWrench | Speak Creative
Dashboard - The dashboard is the initial screen that you see when you log into SiteWrench. There, you will see site notifications and recent user login stats.

Pages - This is where your site’s navigation is determined, as well as where you place the content that shows up on your site.

Page Parts - Here you can manage your Page Parts, which are different types of content sections (i.e. blog, photo gallery, calendar) to help you manage and display your content on your website. *Recommended reading = Understanding the Components of SiteWrench: Page Parts vs. Pages

Files - The files are is where you can manage all of your website’s images, videos and documents. The files area allows you to upload, preview, edit, and delete files for your website. *Recommended reading: Replacing Files without Replacing Links

People - This area allows you to view, add or import website members, create member groups, manage member settings and online donor profiles, and adjust your online membership registration process form. Side Note: To give access to a colleague to edit your website, you would go to Settings.

Mass Mail - If you use SiteWrench to send your mass emails, this is where you would go to edit your mailing lists and mass email messages.

Store - Here in the store module, you can manage the products in your online store.

Settings - The settings area lets you designate administrative editors and manage their permissions, as well as work with merchant account info, META data, Google Analytics, Global Tags, 301 Redirects, your Site Wide Content, etc. This is a very useful part of the site, and one you should become acquainted with.

Account Details - This section will allow you to setup your account information including billing, account owner, and domain information as it relates to your account. NOTE: Only the primary account owner will be able to see and access the Account tab of your admin area.

We’re Here to Help With SiteWrench

We want to see you succeed, of course. The more you understand SiteWrench, the better you will be able to manage your website with ease and confidence. We love to see our clients excel with their content on our custom CMS, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Free Training Opportunities

We are constantly updating our SiteWrench support site to make sure you have the latest, most relevant information you need on the various components of our custom CMS. If you are a brand new SiteWrench user, the best possible thing you could do is watch our SiteWrench Overview Training video session, or sign up for one of our weekly free SiteWrench Basics Training sessions. You can sign up for this SiteWrench training as often as you’d like.

SiteWrench Support Tickets

SiteWrench | CMS for Agencies | Speak CreativeIf you can’t figure out how to achieve something in SiteWrench, don’t be a stranger. Submit a support ticket to our custom CMS support team and we will provide you with instructions, relevant support articles, and training sessions.

SiteWrench support tickets are also the fastest way to submit a concern you might have regarding a bug or design malfunction on your site. Our team will troubleshoot quickly and get you the help you need to fix your issue.

Custom CMS Tips and Tricks

For tips and tricks on how to master SiteWrench like a pro, keep visiting our SiteWrench blog. We regularly update it to teach you shortcuts and give detailed explanations about common issues and questions we receive in tickets. There, you will also get the latest updates from our development team on improvements to our custom CMS.

What Our Custom CMS Can Do for You

The best way to learn SiteWrench is to try new things often. Set up a “test” page for yourself that’s published but doesn’t appear in the site navigation (so no one else can find it) and play around with it. You can install page parts you’ve never used before just to see how they function or what they look like.

You can adjust page settings to see how your changes affect the page itself. If you’re doing this on a “test” page, it’s very unlikely that you will break anything. So don’t worry – just try some things out and if you get stuck, submit a ticket and we’ll help you out.

SiteWrench offers a lot of functionality that can save you time, money and effort. All you have to do is figure out what you want to achieve on the site. If you’re not sure how to implement your vision, ask your Digital Marketing Strategist or submit a support ticket and we can help you figure out how to translate your desires and needs into achievable actions on SiteWrench.

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Posted by Nicole Davis at 10:00