Site Launch: DSG Consulting

Site Launch: DSG Consulting

This week we launched a new website for DSG Consulting, a sales consulting firm that has implemented sales training, messaging & sales playbooks for a variety of clients, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. DSG has been a valuable partner to Speak throughout the years, and we are proud of this new, exciting web design. The design is responsive, so is viewable on any device or screen, including the much talked about new iPhones. To see the redesign in its entirety, visit the DSG Consulting website


Over the years, DSG has evolved into a modern and personable brand. Driven by technology, the company aims to stay ahead of the curve in their sales training techniques and knew their website needed to reflect that. Their old site featured their newer logo and black and white imagery that maintained a professional look, and featured vivid green accents that provided a pop of color. 

To keep the brand moving forward and continue evolving, the new design features more colors, including full color logos of well-known clients and a large color block section to navigate through different areas of the website. The new site promotes their local and global clients, showcasing the vast capabilities which they offer. 

In addition to matching the brand identity for DSG, the site uses more of the custom font that they have branded to go along with their identity. Another new feature is a sticky top menu that reappears as the user starts to scroll up, enabling them to navigate the main sections of the site from where they are on the page. 

Internal pages have also been modified to have a responsive layout that shifts as screen size decreases. Throughout the entire website, a standard footer contains a call to action that encourages users to click on stylized icons that link to the company's various social accounts.

In addition to the main DSG Consulting site, there are other microsites that will be launching in the future that are product specific for the company. All of the sites will maintain similar elements and language, strengthening their brand identity as a forward-focused solution for business training.  


What do you think of the new design? Post your thoughts in the comment section below, or tweet us @SpeakCreative using the hashtag #MadebySpeak.

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Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 15:09