SEO Spotlight: Commissary BBQ

SEO Spotlight: Commissary BBQ

As a digital agency we handle a variety of projects, from mobile apps to functional, beautiful websites. We also have a team designated to work on search engine optimization once these projects are completed. Our Digital Marketing team works through a variety of strategies and practices for a client to improve how people are finding their website.

These strategies include the basics of SEO such as keywords, page titles and meta descriptions, as well as more proprietary methods that have proven successful for our clients. In addition to SEO, we link with social media and content strategies that help the overall 'searchability' of a website.

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One of our clients, Commissary BBQ ( has seen amazing SEO results since partnering with us. The Commissary is a Memphis-based barbecue restaurant that has a loyal following and is known for their unique flavor and large menu. The Commissary came to Speak in 2012 for a complete website design, and have continued with SEO services to stay competitive against other barbecue purveyors in Memphis.

Through the efforts of the redesign and the SEO team, the restaurant has seen increased traffic to their site, increased ranking in Search Engine and more leads. Take a look below at some of the benchmark results the website has achieved.

Overall Web Traffic

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Overall traffic to the website has seen a huge increase, nearly a 40% increase in 2014 (shown in blue) over 2012(shown in orange) in the same time period. In addition to the traffic increase, the amount of returning visitors increased by 55% over the two years. This metric is important, as returning visitors are often more engaged, more loyal and generally repeat purchasers.

Sessions, Users and Pageviews

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In addition to driving more traffic organically to the website, we are also looking at how much of the website a user has explored. In comparing the two different timelines, pageviews on the site were up 30%.

The total page depth, or how many pages are viewed per session is currently at 2.8, which is 40% higher than the industry standard of 2.0.

Organic Search Growth

Organic Traffic  | SEO Memphis | Speak Creative

A strong keyword strategy is far more effective and provides longer lasting results versus a paid AdWords campaign. Industry research shows that users trust organic search results more than paid clicks and as many as 9 out of 10 users skip past paid search results. Users view these sites as trusted sources and quality pages that have earned their rankings in the SERPs.

Commissary BBQ's organic search traffic has steadily increased throughout the maturation of their website, now accounting for 76% of their overall traffic. This shows that they have an authoritative presence on search engines. The direct traffic comes from people specifically entering a direct URL into the browser, whereas social traffic comes from social media sites such as LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.

Looking deeper into organic search growth, we have seen significant growth on all three search engines, ranging from a 33% lift on Google(the widest used SERP) to as high as 63% more traffic from Yahoo. The search terms that they rank high for include specific terms such as 'bbq catering memphis' to broader and higher-competition terms such as "Memphis barbecue".


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The results for Commissary BBQ have directly translated into increased traffic for their restaurant and continue to build. Each month we are setting new initiatives and new strategies that will continue to enhance their mission to dominate through search rankings. We are proud to have the trust from our clients that allow us to dig in and get great results for them that impact real revenue.

Search Engine Optimization is a valuable part of your marketing budget and can increase revenue quicker than many other avenues. Typically with an SEO campaign, you can expect to see results in the first 60-90 days, with benchmarking performance after 6 months. However, there is no end point for SEO; with constantly changing algorithms and high competition, SEO is ever-changing and ever evolving. Having an SEO team that can manage these changes for you and keep your site optimized is imperative to remaining searchable online.

Do you have an SEO question? Can your website pass our 10 point digital assessment? To learn more about optimizing your website, contact a member of our digital marketing team or leave a comment below.
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