How To: Get Real Results with SEO Efforts

How To: Get Real Results with SEO Efforts

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By: Alex Rasmussen

Recently, we have had some great search engine optimization (SEO) results that reflect the way that we title sites, pages and posts. We love seeing our clients (and ourselves) at the top of Google's results, so we thought it would be helpful to share some insight on that success and show you how we do it.  

The way that you title your website, its internal pages and your posts are perhaps the single most important pieces of the Google algorithm. Some SEO 'experts' might argue with me, but I am basing this off of personal experience and real results. 

Note: There are a lot of SEO organizations out there that claim to be made up of gurus, but cannot provide tangible results. When choosing an SEO firm, buyer beware. Ask a lot of questions and for references, testimonials and for examples of work done. Don't be afraid to ask for explanations in plain language, rather than industry jargon. 

Last year, our team embarked on a local SEO project for a Germantown Orthodontist, who recently graduated from orthodontics school and was looking to start a practice that was going to hit the ground running. He decided that the best approach to gather qualified leads was to embark on an internet marketing campaign, centered around beautiful and engaging web site design, filled with well written copy. What happened? Well, take a look at the results! So, you might be asking yourself by now, "How did a guy fresh out of school, with a brand new website, become number one on Google for the keyword, Memphis Braces?" 

Here's your answer:

  • The site was fully optimized prior to launch by the expert SEO team at Speak. Site titles, Page titles, copy and H1 tags, were all focused on the highest ROI producing keyword. Site architecture and an intelligent linking structure also played key roles.
  • The focus was not on the brand name, but rather the keyword. Many companies and marketing experts get bogged down trying to present their brand with a specific standard. If you are serious about search engine results page (SERP) rankings, focus on keywords, rather than brand names. 
  • The client was engaged, organized and flexible. This made for a seamless transition from the web design phase, into the search optimization phase. 

Another common question I encounter from clients is, for example, "SEO Memphis or Memphis SEO?" Answer: Both! Make sure that you have entered the keywords you are targeting in different forms, throughout your site. If you want to rank for different variables of a keyword, you need to mention them within both the copy and titles of your site. 

Notice the picture attached to this blog. Speak ranks number one organically for both "Web Design Memphis" and "Memphis Web Design", which motivates our competitors to spend money on PPC ads to appear ahead of us. Do not be as concerned about optimizing for the name of your organization as you are about making sure you have sent the right directives to Google. Focus on your targeted keywords, not your company name, since users are often searching for a product or service, rather than a business name. If you are concerned about your brand, lock down your Google internet property

A few additional quick tips:

  • Image names matter. Strategically title them for your keywords. 
  • Limit use of JavaScript and Flash on your website. Make sure your user experience and your SEO efforts jive. 
  • Be social and make sure your website is, too. Ensure users can quickly and easily share content from your website via social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

Questions for us? Comment below or give us a shout. Happy optimizing!

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