Revamping Beloved Brands: Sims + Architects

Revamping Beloved Brands: Sims + Architects

The Back Story

Organizations across the country come to Speak to refresh their brand. These organizations are in search of a new look, unified voice, and strong positioning. We believe that good branding can be the very thing that captures the right audience and moves them towards the action your organization desires.

Lavin Architects out of Amarillo, Texas, came to Speak looking for a total brand refresh for their long-standing firm of 35 years. After a cross-team renaming exploration, Sims + Architects was born. This new identity solidified their place as a leader in Texas architecture and signaled their renewed energy and expanded vision. Check out how we achieved this identity for Sims + Architects. 

The Process

We began the branding process by taking the time to learn about Sims + Architects' “why” and the heart behind their business. This helped us provide them with an identity that was not only eye catching, but functional. Sims + Architects' work speaks for itself and we wanted their new website to reflect that. We then got to work on their visual identity. It’s not just colors and fonts, but a cultivated experience for those engaged with the brand. To tie it all together, we then explored what the new brand would look like in real time. We weaved the heart and soul of Sims + Architects throughout the framework of their website, visible in the language itself and the small details alike. 

Before + After

Their previous site lacked updated graphics and modern style, as well as personality. We added some color to their overall brand scheme and modernized their user interface. 

Branding Exploration

As artists and designers, we draw inspiration every day for our work. Whether it’s a piece of art, billboard, industry-specific trends or a graphic, we like to expand our design eye and challenge our work with each client in the concepting phase. Sometimes, this inspiration looks like pieces of art out in the world, but for Sims + Architect, we needed to start with their new business name. Here are some of the names considered.


We know logos like the back of our hand. Logos should be recognizable, simple, and memorable, which is why we dedicated time to getting it right.     

Color Palette

Color schemes dictate more than just logos. Your brand voice, customer experience, and target audience should all be reflected in the visuals of your brand. The color palettes you choose are no exception. For this project, we chose red and black as the core colors, with supporting accent colors for their website and marketing materials.           



Typography and fonts are sometimes overlooked when designing a brand experience. We chose this typeface to show the bold, yet professional tone that the firm emulates. Its classic feel nods to their long tenure as a firm, without making it feel dated. 


Sims + Architects operates in many different industries, so we created a custom icon for each menu item. 


Marketing Materials

How does the new brand look on paper? Does the effectiveness translate both on paper and on digital platforms? This is what sets apart a good brand from a great one, and was especially important for this process since the architecture industry still works with paper and physical materials daily. We provided Sims + Architects with flexible components that are versatile enough to be used for an ad, webpage, or pamphlet.


Our creative approach to exploring your brand identity along with the needs of your customer base will give your brand the bold opening or needed boost to serve your people well.  Do you feel like branding is the missing component to your business? We'd love to explore how we can expand your reach to the customers you've been trying to reach.

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