REcon Conference Rundown | Shopkit - Your turn-key solution

REcon Conference Rundown | Shopkit - Your turn-key solution

RECon Recap 

Walking. Meetings. Walking. Demos. Walking. Talking. Did I mention walking? 

We recently took ShopKit out on the road to Las Vegas for the annual ICSC RECon convention with 30,000 of our closest friends. The conference hall is impressive and seems to go on forever with hundreds of booths and large displays lining the conference hall. We were even able to stop off at the Coca Cola Happiness lounge to play a quick game of arcade basketball.

The conference started Sunday, May 18th and ran through Tuesday May 20th and is packed with business meetings and conversations. We were constantly on the move (23 miles in 3 days, thanks Fitbit) meeting with various groups to discuss our ShopKit platform as a great solution for their shopping centers, mixed-use properties, economic development groups and downtown centers.

We are very excited about everything the ShopKit platform offers and the feedback we received from groups throughout our meetings. Along with talking through ShopKit’s current feature set, we also had the opportunity to brainstorm new ways to leverage emerging technologies within the retail space. An example of these emerging trends, beacon technology, was a hot topic at the conference and is well on the way to being the “next big thing” in retail. The opportunity for centers to connect with shoppers through beacons is limited only by a marketing manager’s creativity. It’s an exciting development, and we are looking forward to seeing this technology leveraged through our ShopKit platform.

Overall, it was a great showing for ShopKit, and we believe the conference was a huge success. Stay tuned for updates and new releases with ShopKit. Until next time, Vegas... 

P.S. By huge success, we aren’t referring to the boss’ trip home...if you have about 10 minutes for the story, you should definitely ask. 

Are you interested in Shopkit for your business? Let us know, (888 - 240 -7808) we would love to show you around!

Posted by CJ Jordan at 7:32 AM