Recapping Speak Halftime 2022

Recapping Speak Halftime 2022

It doesn’t seem possible that we’re already halfway through 2022, but here we are. In many ways it feels like it was just weeks ago that our team met up for Speak Week in January to set our yearly goals. And yet, we’re forging into Quarter 3, with many of our goals and intentions for the year completed or well underway.  

Every year, our team spends a day in the summer participating in what we like to call Halftime – a day dedicated to checking in on the goals we set in the beginning of the year for how we planned to grow and improve as an agency. This year those goals stretched into every corner of the work that we do, from website and app design to our CMS, Sitewrench, to audience growth and digital marketing.  

Keep reading to hear about how we’re focused on continually setting intentions and goals and making Speak the best possible partner to work with. 

Bringing Everyone Together

In recent years, Halftime has been held on Zoom, a decision colored by the nature of our team being spread far and wide, with many of us working from our core Memphis and Nashville offices and many working remotely from across the country and beyond.  

This year, though, we set an intention of gathering in person for Halftime. We wanted our team to have a few days to be all together (with a few long-distance travelers on Zoom). So we got together in the Nashville area this past week for two days of working hard… and playing hard. 

Staying True to Our Roots

On Sunday, we all gathered in Nashville to kick off Halftime right, with some good ol’ line dancing at Wildhorse Saloon, who we’re proud enough to partner with for their audience growth efforts. 

Not quite the Halftime performance we had in mind, but the night was tons of fun nonetheless, complete with a nacho bar and a build-your-own S’more station for dessert.  

Wildhorse taught us a series of line dances, and then our team had a hand at it. If you’re wondering who the contenders were for best line dancer of the evening, Content Specialist Sarah Coleman took the prize, with decades of formal dance training under her belt, but Brand Strategist Matt Balliet was a surprisingly on beat line dancer… which is more than many of us can say. 

Tend the Tree 

The next day, we met in beautiful Leiper’s Fork, TN and dove right in.  

One thing I love about our team at Speak: we don’t shy away from talking about ways we can consistently get better. We believe that to do the best work we can for our clients, it’s important to regularly look at ways we can improve our work, the systems we have in place, our culture, and more. 

At Speak Week in January, our CEO Jacob Savage reminded us all that it is an imperative part of Speak Culture that we’re all active participants in this – no matter your role, no matter if you work at our headquarters in Memphis or you work from home in a different state entirely. Savage gave us this reminder again to kick off Halftime, and set the tone for the rest of the day. 

We started by looking at the goals we came away from Speak Week with, and recognized all of the new ideas, systems, plans, meetings, ways of communicating, and more that we have implemented since January to make those goals our reality.  

And the list was long. It was inspiring to see how many small things add up to overall ongoing improvement, inspiring to see how many collaborative, valuable ideas came from so many different people on different teams. 

We then looked to the future: for the remainder of the year, what do we want to make sure we accomplish, and what can we do to make those things happen? This list was long too, and each team came away with new visions to implement for the second half of the year. 

Finally, we unveiled our newest Speak t-shirts, focused on one of our five core values: Tend the Tree.  

This simple phrase encapsulates the reminder we were given at the beginning of the day: we each have the individual ability and responsibility to make a difference in our workplace, the way in which we do our work, our client partnerships, our community.  

I’m proud to be a part of an agency that loves what we do and works every day to make it better. 

I’d love to hear from you! What does your workplace do to keep your goals moving forward throughout the year? What core values does your organization hold close?  

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If you’re looking for an agency that loves what they do to be an extension of your team, look no further than Speak. We live our values and work consistently to be the best possible partners for our clients. Whether you’re in need of a website redesign, a strategic audience growth plan to help potential clients find you, or another digital solution, our team has experts who care, and will have your back. 

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