Digital Marketing, The Complete Package: #MadeBySpeak

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Digital Marketing, The Complete Package: #MadeBySpeak

Digital Marketing, the Complete Package

If you follow us on Twitter, or any of our other social platforms, you probably noticed we've been promoting a big change: our website. We've been busy all year giving our clients in Memphis and Nashville (and beyond) websites that truly reflect what their brands stand for.

At the end of the day, we came to the realization that we needed a bit of the magic we were providing these great clients for ourselves, and started thinking through what our brand stood for.

One of the phrases we kept landing on during the discovery phases was "we create movement." This statement is more than just a guide for our new website. It's a brand statement that guides what we do. We create movement for our clients. We create movement to grow their businesses, expand their brands and reach more people. Creating movement is important to us, and it's important to you.

With that in mind, we began to think about what we could do to express that movement in a way that felt natural and put our best foot forward.

The Home Page

On our last site, we continuously got comments on the video background; how vibrant it felt and how it created an immediate image of our company culture. We kept that in mind as we gave it a modern twist, fading it into the header portion of our site.

Taking it one step further, we utilized video in a different way, filming an intricate look inside speak, including an interview with our President, Jacob Savage. Prominently featured by a blue play button, this video will capture immediate attention on our site and serves as a welcome to Speak and our culture.

As you scroll down the home page you're given options to learn more about our team or view our work. That's right; our clients are our pride and joy, and we want to show off the work we create for them right on the home page.

Under our portfolio piece is a gateway into our blogs, which easily allows users to search for a blog topic of their choice. The modern, editorialized blog styling features tags for all aspects of what we do and makes showcasing our specialties easy.

The Menu

When thinking of the site architecture and our menu, we took a look at our Google Analytics data and put an emphasis on usability. We spent hours researching the pages that people spend the most time on, where we were seeing traffic, and what parts we wanted to boost by displaying more prominently.

We wanted a subtle, but powerful menu that was easy to navigate. If you click over to our site, you'll notice the menu isn't immediately visible. However, with just one click, the page transforms into a full page menu, easily visible and clickable through clear and concise descriptions.

Inside the Site

Digging in to our second and third level service pages give the user an in-depth look at what we do, and breaks down all of our services and specialties. Optimized keyword placement is important throughout the site, but especially important in our search engine strategy on these pages.

Our contact page, which is linked heavily to throughout the site, features a multitude of ways to connect with our team. Email, phone, web form, or social media links provide every option for someone to learn more about Speak. We also feature our dual offices and highlight the great cities we love to work and play in.

Website Launch Results

Although our site has only been live for two weeks, we've seen stellar results. Through a launch campaign that included email, social advertising and organic posts, we've spread the word to clients and community members alike.

Comparing the time since launch to the previous two weeks has amounted to an 80% increase in traffic, a 10% lower bounce rate, and a 132% increase in social referral traffic. While we know a bit of those high numbers won't stay that high forever, we are thrilled with what we've seen.

Our hopes for this new website are high, and lead the charge in our marketing plans for 2016. We not only want to create movement for our own marketing initiatives, but think it's the perfect example of practicing what we preach.

Using our own designers, developers and digital marketers to create this site serves as a testament to the work we want to provide clients. Not only did we get to work with the talent we boast daily, but we were our own client, and gained valuable insight into what it's like to work with Speak.

Where are you on your marketing plans for 2016? We know we've gotten a jumpstart with this new site and are excited for what we can do with it in the future. Can we help you do the same?

Contact our digital experts who can walk through what a new site can mean for your business. We can also help get the word our on social channels, set you up for online success through proven SEO strategies, or take your business up a level with custom development.

Let's make 2016 great

Posted by Kindra Svendsen at 7:08 PM