Museum of Life and Science (Durham, NC) Website Design

New Website Design Launch: Museum of Life and Science - Durham, North Carolina

Imagine this: 84-acres of interactive science park where everyone from young children to seniors can enjoy a two-story science center, one of the largest butterfly conservatories on the East Coast and several beautifully landscaped outdoor exhibits which serve as safe havens for rescued black bears, lemurs and endangered red wolves. Additionally, other attractions include over 60 species of live animals as well as a railway and a dinosaur trail.

Sounds like a dream, am I right? If you’re lucky enough to live or visit the Durham, North Carolina area, you know the Museum of Life & Science is a reality that is better than any dream.

Our team was thrilled to partner with the Museum of Life and Science in 2015 for a website design from our digital agency. The Museum decided that their site needed a fresh look after an upgrade in 2014.

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Before Redesign

With the hopes of bringing the Museum to life, we began concepting a completely new site, rich with images. It was important to be mobile responsive, as we know Google prefers responsive web design and for a business that relies on local tourism, we knew many users would be exploring via a mobile device.

We also knew that when the first-time visitor came to the site, what they saw would directly impact their desire to visit or choose another local attraction. Through using the bright brand colors for the Museum, and displaying richly colored images of inside the exhibits, as well as a video showing ways the visitor would interact once inside the museum, users are given a chance to explore the Museum before they ever step foot on the property.

Speaking of branding, The Museum of Life and Science has made great strides in branding their tagline “Know Wonder”. Using that as a theme for the whole site, our designer placed the tagline prominently on the home page. Using a variety of devices, the tagline is the first thing you see.

The website's background video further conveys to web users the meaning of the tagline, with children exploring different parts of the Museum. On mobile devices, a static image is shown to improve page load speed and usability. Continuing down on the page is an interactive slider that allows users to easily find pertinent information for the Museum, including hours of operation, directions and admission details.

website design

Throughout the site, dropdown and accordion style menus keep the website succinct and clean, while allowing the user to dig in and easily find the information that they are looking for. The hands-on discovery throughout the website is subtle hint at what can be expected at the interactive museum.

In just two short weeks since the site has launched, the historical data compared to January 2015 is astounding. We’re looking forward to providing The Museum with an influx of online visitors including a spike in mobile sessions, as well as a well rounding digital presence that brings their brand marketing to life. We’re looking forward to learning how the website affects conversions or in the Museum’s case, tickets sales, as well as feedback that people are leaving with the Museum staff.

Click the image below to explore the newly launched Museum of Life and Science website.

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After Redesign

Do you have a digital project coming up? We can help. Our website design experts can bring your brand to life and help create a digital presence that performs beyond your expectations. We'd love to hear below what you think about the new Museum of Life and Science website. To learn more or get started on your own project, click the button below and let’s talk.

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