New Faces and Old Favorites

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New Faces and Old Favorites

We’re halfway through 2021 and almost a year and a half out from the beginning of the pandemic. We spoke to our team about what the first half of the year looked like for them, as well as what’s on the horizon for the remainder of the year. You might’ve noticed that we’ve grown our team quite a bit this year, so as you read you’ll see some new faces and recognize some old favorites. 

What are your favorite things you’ve completed so far in 2021?

“I’ve most enjoyed playing a role in the reopening strategies of our attraction clients. After a challenging 2020 in terms of ticket sales, many of our attractions are seeing consistent growth in foot traffic and revenue. I’m proud of the way our digital marketing team has served these clients well – creating unique and specific targeting strategies for clients, then implementing those and delivering strong ROI numbers.”

- Cody Gross, Brand Strategist


“My favorite thing I have completed this year was graduating from college. Changing career paths and doing something completely different than what I was used to was a huge step for me. Doing it while being in lock down with two kids in virtual school was a big challenge. We all made it through though, even if I did have to google 2nd/3rd grade math sometimes!”

- Misty Harn, Client Care Specialist


“2021 at Speak has been great. I’ve had the opportunity to work on so many different projects that have each presented their own challenges as well as many fun, interesting solutions. I love seeing things evolve from the beginning stages of creating new ideas to the final stages where you get to see the finished product that came to life through collaboration with the team so you know you have landed on a thoughtful, effective result.”

- Gabby Windham, Designer


“I've been trying to both improve my Portugese as well as teach myself to play the trumpet for the past year. I'm sure my coworkers love it when I practice on the porch at lunch.”

- stephen smith, front end developer + designer


“I designed the box for Speak's Launch Kit, which is a fun package that we send to our clients when they launch their website. I used to design cheerleading shoe boxes at Varsity, so it was so cool to see that experience be applied to a new Speak initiative that celebrates the milestone of launching a new website.”

- Corinne mizzell, Designer


What’s something you’re looking forward to in the second half of the year?

“I am looking forward to going to more concerts and traveling more. I went to Reykjavik, Iceland with my family for a week this summer and it made me so excited for future trips!”

- amanda gottschalk, content specialist

“I’m definitely starting something new. Pandemic or not, I’m investing in building my community and relationships. If we learned one lesson from the pandemic, I hope we learned how important community and being together means to all of us.”

- christy leake, director of operations and hr


“Finally traveling again! I visited one of my best friends in D.C. and took a trip to Mexico with a few friends. These days my friends feel pretty spread out so it's great to be able to safely see them all again. Up next is Gulf Shores, NYC, and Houston!”

- jessica freeman, director of agency marketing


“Work-wise, I’m excited to continue growing as a developer. It’s amazing to think of the ways I’ve improved as a developer since I began at Speak (thanks in large part to the great mentors I have around on the dev team that have helped me along the way!). Personally, I’m looking forward to (hopefully!) traveling more in the second half of the year as things begin to open up.”

- nina kalpakis, front end developer


“I will continue to look forward to the conversations we have and solutions we create with clients, but the second half of the year is very exciting internally. The impending end of the year is often a reminder and motivator for our partners to get in the zone and our team usually sees an increased level of engagement and pace in projects. I look forward to seeing the projects that come across the finish line, including some new functionality and design approaches we haven’t seen before. Personally, I am really looking forward to the holiday season with my family, especially with my nephew as he approaches his 1st birthday.”

- Megan jones, client success manager


“Work wise, I’m looking forward to getting to know all of the people we do digital marketing for, and all the cool things their companies and organizations are working on. Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing some concerts and checking out the Nashville music scene. I’m new in town so there’s a lot to explore. Also - I’m looking forward to eating Red Headed Stranger twice a week from now until forever.”

- matt balliet, brand strategist

photo credit: Nathan Zucker

We love looking back at what we’ve accomplished alongside our partners and looking ahead at all that’s to come. Both in our personal and professional lives, we certainly have a lot to celebrate and a lot to look forward to. 

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