Nashville Zoo Launches New Site

Nashville Zoo Launches New Site

We are so excited to be able to share the new, beautiful website design for the Nashville Zoo with you! Using our Capacity platform, Nashville Zoo was able to recently launch a brand new website, that integrates the beauty of the exhibits, social media platforms and is responsive across multiple devices. If you haven’t checked it out yet, visit

Nashville Zoo | Web Design | Speak

Nashville Zoo is a progressive and dynamic zoological park serving Middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky and hundreds of thousands of tourists that travel to Nashville every year. Since opening its doors in 1991, the Zoo has grown from a small, private operation in Cheatham County to an Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited facility with international conservation involvement. Over three-quarters of a million visitors come to Nashville Zoo annually, making them the number one attraction in Middle Tennessee.

We created our partnership with Nashville zoo a few short months ago. The team at the zoo was looking for a way to further engage their website visitors to increase time spent on website, make essential information easy to access and to emphasize their conservation efforts.

Speak started the project in Nashville by sending our team to the Zoo to explore. There, we had the unique opportunity to visit the growing 200-acre zoo, taking a behind-the-scenes tour and spending time meeting animals and staff throughout the zoo before sitting down to create. After the tour and meeting with different staff departments, we got to work developing a concept. 

Nashville Zoo | Web Design | SpeakNashville Zoo | Web Design | Speak 

“The biggest challenge was ensuring the design of the site supported the goals set forth by the Nashville Zoo. We wanted to engage users visually and move them to take action and visit the zoo,” said Katie Sinclair, Lead Designer on the project.

Leaning on the stunning exhibits encountered at the zoo, using vivid imagery was a natural choice for the home page. Using the tagline “Where Animals, Nature & Fun Converge”, the site utilizes pictures of the zoo in action, with a unique three-dimensional element where the pictures and tagline intertwine, bringing the message to life.

Directly under the headline, calls to action help users plan their visit or learn more about membership options; creating the website as a tool and resource was a primary goal for the Zoo and allowing users to explore these options were primary ways to promote the zoo.

Scrolling down further on the home page details the current days exhibit times as well as upcoming events and news about the zoo. The footer is interactive with contact information as well as a direct feed integration with Instagram, providing more visual appeal to the website. Additional pages on the site detail directions and information for visiting the zoo, information on education, conservation and fundraising, all of which support the primary mission and goals of the zoo.

“Working with all of the different departments created an interesting challenge because we had to take feedback from several different points of view and create one unified message.” said Jacob Savage, President and Owner at Speak. “The result is a culmination of the hard work put in by both the team at Speak and the Nashville Zoo and we couldn’t be prouder.”

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