App Indexing: How to Get Your App Indexed by Google

App Indexing: How to Get Your App Indexed by Google

For a while now, there has been a major debate around the type of information served to desktop users vs. mobile users.

Google has started to bridge the gap.

Android Apps can now be crawled and indexed by Google. “” you may ask. Well, that’s a really good question. Google crawls websites from link to link and that’s really how everything is connected to one another on the web. Links are the lifeline of Google’s crawlers. Problem is, content in apps aren’t linked like traditional websites.

what does this mean?

It means that Android Apps can now show up in mobile search results.

It also allows users to experience a more mobile-first approach to search results. They can now do it because of their new app indexing API (which is super impressive).

Google states:

“App Indexing allows you to connect pages from your website with specific content within your smartphone app. This enables smartphone users who have your app installed to open it directly from relevant mobile search results on Google.” 

Why would I want to do that?

Google says it best. It’s a better search experience for apps and users. I agree. This could potentially lead to many more installs, usage and engagement for App owners out there. There are a ton of apps already supported. Some of them are very popular.

Plus, apps continue to be the source of usage on mobile vs. the web.

Apps continue to dominate the mobile web

How do I get started?

With just a few steps, you can be well on your way to getting your App indexed by Google.

Here is a great get started video:

What does this mean for MOBILE SEO?

It opens up a whole conversation about Mobile App SEO and how content should be presented to a user. ASO (app store optimization) is a growing industry, as numerous Apps fight for user attention. There are many strategies to consider when trying to get your App ranked.

Per a report by TechCrunch, 63% of people find apps through the app store. Only 14-16% of sites are finding apps through search results. I expect that number to rise. Also, it's great to know you can manage your Google My Business straight from the app, too! What a world we live in. 

Interested in getting you app indexed by Google? Want to learn more? We’ve got developers on staff ready to help.

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