Mid-South Food Bank: Doing Good Where You’re Planted   

Mid-South Food Bank: Doing Good Where You’re Planted   

Design trends and technology change all the time. As technology evolves alongside your organization, even the best websites will eventually need a redesign. The typical lifespan of a website is 5 years or less and around that time your site should be ready for a revamp. It’s always a big compliment when our partners return to us for their redesign, and that is a compliment that Mid-South Food Bank has given us not once but twice. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside Mid-South Food Bank for eight years now. They serve individuals and families in 31 counties with the goal to solve one of the biggest struggles people face: getting enough nutritious food to live a healthy life. We just wrapped up our third redesign of Mid-South Food Bank’s site, equipping them with a modern, on-trend site ready to serve the greater Memphis community in 2021.

As an agency, we work to understand your unique needs to get your users the right information to allow your site to be effective. Understanding your “why” is our secret weapon to creating an immersive website experience that’ll lead your visitors to action.  

Understanding the Unique Needs of An Organization 

Due to the sheer amount of content Mid-South needed to communicate along with being short-staffed during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were looking for a new site that didn’t have photography as the focal point because it was harder to maintain. They needed visual elements that could take the place of pictures while preserving the modern and fun feel, so we created custom fruit illustrations to scatter throughout the site.

The custom illustrations, fun icons, and expanded color palette were especially fun for our design team to create. “The Mid-South Food Bank team was especially fun to work with. I loved the people on their team and every interaction made my connection to their incredible mission that much stronger. This is one of the reasons I love working at Speak, where we get to work on projects for organizations that do really admirable work.” One of our designers, Corinne Mizzell said. 

Hope and nourishment were essential themes we wanted Mid-South Food Bank’s new site to reflect. By merging their current theme colors of teal, black, and red with the orange and green from Feeding America’s brand, we created a seamless experience to merge the two organization’s missions. Additionally, the colors chosen were reflected within the fruit illustrations and are all ADA compliant.  

Getting Users The Right Information  

One of Mid-South’s challenges as an organization was drawing people into their programs and providing them with the information they need quickly and clearly. So we made the three calls to action: Find Food, Donate, and Volunteer always visible as you scroll down both the desktop and mobile site, allowing ease of access and ultimately cultivating active, engaged users. An example of this can be seen on the “Find Food” portion of the site, where anyone is able to search for food pantries and soup kitchens by zip code to get the help they need without any unnecessary hurdles. 


We know that your priorities as an organization can shuffle around at any time. Mid South’s website is a great example of how an organization’s goals and audience preferences ebb and flow and how important it is for your marketing partner to sustain them year after year. While each site is created with longevity in mind, we cater to the evolving needs of your users with your “why” at the center. An agency that isn't focused on your “why” leads to miscommunication and a misaligned focus.

Focusing on the “why” 

We approach each project with both a fresh perspective for the future and an awareness of how we can improve the previous site experience, because we know that the world of art, tech, and design evolution can change in an instant. We know your why and what you want to accomplish and we want to take the time to learn an organization's “why” earning the opportunity to be your “how”.

We believe your why should inform your digital story, as we’ve done through this infographic for Mid-South Food Bank. By allowing the user to discover the statistics in a dynamic way, they can see the need come to life. 

The “why” of the Mid-South Food Bank has become more important than ever. Throughout the pandemic they have maintained their position as a vital, cherished part of the community. They immediately met the needs of families facing lost jobs, no food, and no hope for safety. A staggering 44% increase in food insecurity has occurred in the Memphis community since this time last year. More mouths to feed meant more food coming in the door. As of June 30, 2020, they had distributed a total of 31.9 million pounds of food, more than 26 million meals for people in need. 

Throughout our long term partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank, we’ve had a front row seat watching them grow their impact in the community. Their new website directly supports their mission by serving the needs of the food insecure and marketing the need to those that are in a position to help. 

We pride ourselves on working with organizations that are committed to doing good both where they’re planted and across the world. No matter your why, we would be honored to create a digital presence that helps you further your mission. 

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