Memphis Web Design + 901 Pride: A Few of Our Favorites

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Memphis Web Design + 901 Pride: A Few of Our Favorites

Being a Memphis web design agency is about more than our 901 phone number or our ability to order unrivaled pulled pork for Thursday team lunches. It’s about bringing digital excellence to the table, along with the BBQ sauce and extra napkins, of course. All joking aside, we’re talking about the websites, apps and digital marketing we get to deliver for local Memphis businesses, as well as for the national clients whom we proudly tell we’re from Tennessee.

Last week when we found out we were named one of the Memphis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, we were thinking, “likewise, Memphis,” because this city is a fantastic place for us to have set up shop.

To show some of our hometown pride, we want to take you on a tour of a few Memphis web design projects we recently completed.

Scrolling in Memphis

Through streaming video and other engaging content, the Southern College of Optometry homepage reflects the academic rigor, cutting edge technology and professional resources available to SCO students. What’s more, the site exudes contagious passion for the field of optometry with tasteful touches of themed language like “see your future in 20/20.”

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With a modular grid branded by school colors, showcasing inviting photos, and filled with facts that outline the benefits of an SCO education, the site compels users to believe that an unparalleled experience is waiting for them in the southwestern tip of Tennessee.

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Like us, SCO is proud to be founded in Memphis. They recognize this city’s strengths as viable selling points for their own potential applicants. What better way to showcase the advantages of this downtown Memphis campus than outlining the school’s cultural surroundings with an interactive landing page all about the city?

It’s more than just a pretty page with cool pictures of the city pulling in as you scroll. Clicking on any call to action leads to a detailed pop-up of links to attractions, so it’s truly a resource for those planning to tour the campus or considering attending SCO. Providing website visitors with this kind of valuable, useful content increases time spent on the page, as well as interest in the brand itself, and might even lend itself to browser bookmarks or return visits.

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If all of these features amount to genuine interest - as they are designed to - the viewer can click the “what’s next?” box that lives at the bottom right corner of every page, to reveal action buttons to donate, tour or apply.

More Local Web Design

Just this week, we launched a newly redesigned website for another Memphis client, the Brooks Museum. This website has a strong community focus, with the homepage prominently featuring both social media links and a bright, visual calendar of events.

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Beneath the calendar is a photo overlayed by icons indicating ways for different segments of the community (students, families, members etc.) to be “transformed through the power of art” and get involved with the museum.

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Besides the prominent placement of social links on the homepage, there is a main navigation page populated with a feed of social media posts using #BrooksMuseum. From wedding photos to shots of school tour groups, this social feed showcases the wide variety of ways that community members engage with the museum, its art and its educational opportunities. This page provides a curation of testimonials for first-time visitors, while it generates a personal connection with current patrons and a sense of brand loyalty among those featured in the feed.

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Within the Memphis community, the Brooks is clearly committed to fostering an appreciation for the arts and providing a variety of cultural immersion opportunities. We were proud to help them continue to accomplish these objectives with a redesigned website that serves as a digital tool to peak the interest of online visitors and encourage them to patronize the museum and its mission.

A Tennessee Digital Agency with National Reach

By now you probably get the vibe that we love our jobs as digital marketers and web designers in Memphis. We’ve got roots in Nashville as well, with a well-established and quickly growing office in the heart of music city. While we love being a Tennessee digital agency, we’re proud to have a national reach, working with clients across the country.

So the question is: is your business bursting with local pride and you’re ready to showcase it with a landing page like the one we discussed above? Or is your organization eager to grow a stronger social media community? Maybe you’re a downtown association considering an app to help tourists enjoy your town even more.

Whatever the case may be, we love working with people who are proud of their hometowns like we are, so drop us a line to get started.

Posted by Teresa Daniel at 10:32 AM