Memphis Marketing and Sales Training: A view from the Dog House

Memphis Marketing and Sales Training: A view from the Dog House

Recently a few members from the sales and marketing team attended a Memphis Chamber Networking Event - Lunch in the Know, presented by the brilliant folks over at RedRover Sales & Marketing. We took away some real positives from the event and thought we would be kind enough to share them with you here on our blog. First, we will get to the perks of attending a networking event like this one presented by the Memphis Chamber.

  • Free Lunch! Who does not like a free lunch? All it costs is your time.
  • Leads. In order for your marketing and sales efforts to thrive, you need leads. Every person sitting in the room with you is a potential client or strategic partner. 
  • Knowledge. In exchange for your appearance at these events, they not only feed you, they teach you. At this particular event, Lori Turner-Wilson and her team taught a class titled: What Every Business Needs About Marketing in Today's Economy.

We took away several excellent points from the presentation sponsored by Speak web design client, RedRover Sales & Marketing. (Go check out their site...we think it's awesome :)

  • Get your digital house in order!! Boy, we could not agree more, Lori. Your digital presence is the backbone of your marketing activities. If potential clients or partners can't find you easily or get turned away by the lack of technology and engagement on your website, then you are losing that business to your competition. Guaranteed.
  • Downturn economic times are when you should invest heavily in marketing and sales activities. This is the time to gain market share. As your competition sits back, scared to lose money, you attack. Market your business aggressively invest in your long term strategic goals, gain market share and never look back.
  • Make sure your entire team realizes that everyone is a member of the sales team. Until there is a sale, there is no work to be done. So everyone, from the receptionist to your delivery driver, should know your company's elevator pitch and be prepared to give it at a moments notice.

For more information about the presentation or for more sales and marketing tips, be sure to visit our friends at RedRover! If you are ready to get your digital house in ordercontact Speak Creative. Let our Web Design and Internet Marketing teams show you how to dominate the competition with your digital presence.

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