A Memphis Groundbreaking, Team Time + More - A Look Inside #SpeakWeek2016

A Memphis Groundbreaking, Team Time + More - A Look Inside #SpeakWeek2016

Last week, we brought the entire team into Memphis, like we do each year and hold what some would call a retreat, some an annual meeting; we call it Speak Week. During this time, we evaluate the systems we have in place and how to make our processes better for us and for our clients and prospective clients. Without a doubt, it's safe to say the theme this year was "movement".

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We talk about movement quite a bit, whether it's how we hope to create movement within our own business, how to move the needle on your search engine optimization efforts or moving your brand forward through a new responsive website design. This year our team focused on how to push ahead, think forward and map out ways to continuously push our limits throughout the coming year.

Digital Agency Team Work

In just three days, our team was able to create plans that we can't wait to implement. While we pride ourselves on teamwork, we've created even more ways to integrate our specialized teams to interact on each project. We also had time to break into teams and discuss how we can make greater impact in our projects and client relationships. Our Sitewrench developers were able to roadmap a bevy of ideas to bring to our Sitewrench custom CMS system for agencies and designers. These new features will keep our CMS intuitive and easy to manage, and will be implemented throughout the year. 

Our digital marketing team discussed campaigns, and how we can dive into specific campaigns and move the needle through nearly 30 different activities we have in our digital marketing tool belt. These campaigns will reinvigorate clients for the new year, and put focus on what matters most to their business's success. 

Digital Marketing Services by Speak 

Additionally, our design team and our project teams spent much of their time discussing integration and collaboration with each other, and other micro teams in our company, as well as new trends and skills necessary to push design expectations. Overall, we're hopeful the small changes we will be making in individual teams will create a big impact for our clients.

Groundbreaking News from Speak

Most years for Speak Week, we focus internally and take a break from client production. This year, our week was abbreviated, and we had a unique opportunity to involve our clients in the groundbreaking ceremony for our agency's new East Memphis office. With representatives from several clients, as well as the Greater Memphis Chamber, Highpoint Church and surrounding neighbors, we were grateful to "break" ground and take the opportunity to celebrate the moment.

Overall, we had such a great time getting together and planning for the new year. Have you finalized your marketing plans for 2016? We'd love to help. Our team of designers, developers and digital marketers can help you achieve your marketing goals through thoughtful web design, an innovative digital marketing campaign or a custom project. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our team.

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