Memphis Digital Agency Adds One, Expands Capabilities

Memphis Digital Agency Adds One, Expands Capabilities

Hi, my name is Kiersten and this is the first time you will have seen me post on the Speak blog, but it certainly won’t be the last. Please allow me to introduce myself as the twentieth team member here at Speak: Digital Marketing and PR Specialist. It’s an exciting, new position created to offer additional services from this already top tier digital agency, such as strategic content writing, public relations, media placement, as well as social media strategy and implementation. My goals will be focused on blending all the things that Speak already excels at within the digital space with traditional public relations and marketing methods for the best return on investment for Speak and its clients. 

It’s no secret that businesses come to Speak for extraordinary design, website development, mobile apps, internet marketing and content management, but I’d like to add the external communications arm for the benefit of current and future clients. So often we hear of businesses and organizations calling on multiple shops for services that could (and should) be offered under the same roof as your digital marketing agency. At some point, the specialties of Speak were bound to intersect with public relations and more “traditional” marketing.Considering the modernization of the profession, today’s PR professional must go above and beyond, fusing together skills related to content creation, search engine optimization, social media strategy, policy and implementation, and an understanding of how the web (and being found through the web) works. The team here at Speak has already begun to provide invaluable tools and expertise that will bring together our shared industries for the absolute best value for clients. 

An example: a true passion of mine is creating news for and about my clients. It’s rewarding to hear about the leads, follow up’s and phone calls from old contacts after a quality story has run. Connecting a reporter and a client is a true, classic value add. However, with the evolution of the media and how the public gathers their news, the digital value has significantly increased. Blogs, online press releases and news stories that now live online are all building content and the digital reputation/brand of a client. As the SEO algorithms continue to evolve, the challenge will be to generate links that make it past human gatekeepers. In my role, these gatekeepers will likely be the editors and journalists and those links will be relevant stories and mentions. I could not be more excited to become more entrenched in this area of communications and business strategy.  

So, connect with Speak on LinkedIn or Facebook and follow us on Twitter. I’ll be sharing the Speak story across the platforms. Got any questions for me?

Posted by Kiersten Bagley at 3:54 PM