Meet Teresa: Our Newest Digital Marketing Team Member

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Meet Teresa: Our Newest Digital Marketing Team Member

Hi there, my name is Teresa Hendrix, and I am Speak’s new Digital Marketing/PR Coordinator and a May graduate of the Ole Miss Integrated Marketing Communications program. Over the past few years, I found website after website “made by Speak” for some of my favorite businesses back home in Memphis, so I just had to check out this growing agency. Next thing I know, I’m no longer an admiring student, but their newest team member.

My role at Speak is to create blog and social media content for digital marketing clients and Speak itself, and trust me when I say I’m excited to get to work! I have wanted to be a writer like this since my seventh grade English teacher wrote “suitable for publication” on a paper I turned in to her. In college, I learned how graphic design could enhance copy and entice readers, and I quickly fell in love with writing’s visual accomplice. Throughout my education, I immersed myself in courses like advertising layout, brand design and graphite drawing. Starting a blog of my own, Suite Like Tee, I began to blend my verbal and visual skill sets into digital branding efforts and search engine optimization tactics. Now I contribute to Speak’s own integrated marketing initiatives, which are best illustrated through the websites they create.

If these websites weren’t so visually engaging, how would brands be revitalized by Speak in the eyes of consumers? If the right words weren’t on the page, how would businesses land the top spot in search listings? It’s the symphony of appealing aesthetics and polished paragraphs that turns everyday websites into invaluable marketing tools. Websites made by Speak can wow users with a single scroll through their cinematic backgrounds and vibrant overlays, while they convert Internet searchers to regular customers with uniquely creative written content.

As part of the digital marketing team here at Speak, I will write and create everything from engaging social media graphics to detailed product descriptions and industry-related articles. We will use this quality content to position your website as the authoritative source in your market for consumers and search engines alike. I look forward to sharing more of my passion for digital content creation with you here on the blog and connecting with you through the Speak Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Posted by Teresa Daniel at 10:17 AM