Meet Abi and Trent: Speak Team adds Two More in Q3

Meet Abi and Trent: Speak Team adds Two More in Q3

We're nearing Q4, which is always a time of reflection on the year, but until then we're running full steam ahead. Thanks to our amazing clients that are choosing us for all things digital, including web design, development and digital marketing we're seeing continued growth. Along with the growth comes an expansion of our team. Recently we've added two new members to our team, in new positions that will help us service our clients better.

Digital marketing agency | Speak CreativeAbi Devins joins our Nashville office after a move to the Volunteer State from Detroit Michigan. With previous experience in digital marketing, she'll be joining our team as a Digital Marketing Strategist, dedicated to helping digital marketing clients navigate the world of all things SEO, PPC, Social and more. She'll be working as a go-between for our clients and on-staff practitioners, and providing digital expertise for business in Nashville and beyond.


Memphis videographer | Speak CreativeTrent Erwin is a local Memphian joining our staff and bringing a new set of skills to our team. Trent's passion is creating bold, exciting video content that serves our customers in several ways, from online testimonials, to business features and product highlight videos. In somewhat of a hybrid role, Trent will be working with clients on website projects as well as digital marketing services for a variety of video needs as well as lending his experience in on-page SEO and UX. 

To get to know our new team members a bit better we asked them a few questions. Read their answers below, and drop us a line if you have questions about our digital marketing services.

1. Tell us about yourself and in your own words what you'll be doing with your time at speak.

Abi: Hello! I’m Abigail Devins. You can call me Abi, or Gail. I am the newest Account Manager here at Speak Creative in the Nashville office. My role is to help clients succeed in their digital marketing efforts - whether that be social media, SEO, AdWords, E-mail marketing. Month to month, I make sure clients are aware of every opportunity that they can take advantage of in order to see their business thrive in the digital world. I also serve as the middleman between the genius digital marketing team at Speak and our clients.

Trent: Hey folks, I’m Trent Erwin, the new and only videographer on the Speak Creative team. My role is to create compelling and engaging visual content for clients. Video content is one of the most popular mediums today and I get to help clients capture and produce it. Reading about an organization is one thing, but seeing and hearing from an organization is how we’re helping our clients stand out. This is brand new for us, so I’m excited to forge this great service for those we serve. 

2. Whats your favorite part of working for a digital agency?

Abi: My favorite part of working at a digital agency is firsthand witnessing the change from traditional media to digital. There are so many opportunities for organizations to meet their audiences on a wide array of platforms, it just takes some bravery to explore those opportunities. I love working with an extraordinary smart team that cares about taking their client’s digital presence to the next level. I get excited by their passion to stay ahead of the game when it comes to all things digital.

Trent: One of my favorite parts is working with a wide range of organizations and businesses, learning what they do, and then working hard to capture it and showcase it to the world. Also, it’s a blast to work alongside other creatives and strategists who truly care about creating movement and growth for organizations through digital means. Each day is an opportunity to learn, and that gets me excited. 

3. What area of digital marketing is your specialty?

Abi: As a kid, I used to spend my “screen time” after school changing the background on my MySpace page, then moved to Facebook, then Twitter, then Instagram, and now, Snapchat. Social media presents a handful of opportunities for organizations to connect with their audiences in a way that not many other platforms can. However, social media takes a lot of planning and research to determine purpose, voice and value - something I really enjoy helping companies determine.

Trent: My specialty is rooted in content creation. I have a strong background in writing and storytelling. Over the years I matched those skills with video production to create more immersive content. Some people watch a lot of Netflix - I watch a lot of videos on Vimeo from other creatives. After watching tons of videos wondering how filmmakers and producers did it, I tried my hand at it. I’ve never looked back since. My wife still rolls her eyes when I obsess over a video or a piece of equipment. Maybe it’s obsessive, or maybe I’m just passionate. 

What do you like to do outside of Speak time?

Abi: Outside of my time in the office, I enjoy watching the Detroit Tigers and Lions lose, eating and going to church. Much to my disappointment, I am still trying to find a way to do all three at once. I sometimes enjoy the outdoors, but often find myself flying through a series on Netflix while scrolling through pictures of all of the dogs I hope to someday rescue. Every Sunday I treat myself to an almond milk latte, and have had a lot of fun trying coffee shops in the Nashville area!

Trent: Outside of Speak, you can find me playing basketball (I’m 6’6”), biking with my wife, hanging out with refugees, trying to update parts of my house by watching YouTube tutorials and being active in my local church community. My wife and I love traveling, so we try to find any excuse to go somewhere. I’m also a coffee snob, so I’m either sipping coffee from my Chemex at home (while listening to podcasts) or going to local coffee shops. 

Want to know more about Abi or Trent, or how their digital agency prowess can help your business? Let's chat.

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