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Marketing across generational lines

I’m currently quarantining at my parent’s house and we’ve been cooking a lot. We were excited to take a night off to support a local restaurant by ordering take out. My mom (a Baby Boomer) started to get frustrated when she was calling the restaurant and they weren’t answering. There was no voicemail indicating that they were closed. It just kept ringing and ringing.

Being the tech-savvy millennial that I am (because obviously we all are) I quickly pulled up their Instagram page and let her know they posted they were closed. My mom laughed and said she never would have thought to check their Instagram page. All she’d done was Google them, but their listing wasn’t up to date. So what does this story about my dinner plans have to do with you? It impacts your marketing.  

Understanding the difference between how generations consume information is vital to your marketing strategy. 

It’s important to understand our audience’s differences so we know how to better unite them around our brand, regardless of their age. My mom and I are visiting different platforms for the latest information about your business, and it’s important that you meet us both there if you are targeting us both. Visual Capitalist conducted a survey that demonstrates how different generations are approaching media consumption in the age of COVID-19. The survey results further confirm that if your target audience crosses generational lines there are two things you must consider when sharing information with your audience. 


Two Things To Consider When Marketing Across Generational Lines 

1. Where they go for information

According to the Visual Capitalist survey, different generations are consuming information from different platforms. Millennials are 5 times more likely to look to a podcast for news. So if you’ve been wanting to do a podcast for a while now ask yourself:  Will my target audience be listeners? If you’re running a promotion but only posting it on Instagram ask yourself: Will my target audience see that I’m doing a buy one get one free sale?

I’m not necessarily suggesting you ditch this article and go get a Tik Tok, because that’s how you’ll reach Gen Z, but I am saying that if Gen Z is your most important demographic you should consider why Tik Tok is successful (hint: it’s because Gen Z loves video content). Here are a few high-level items to consider when looking at where different generations are pulling their media from: 

  • Baby Boomers: 
    • Facebook Still Matters: 
      • 70% of baby boomers who use Facebook report that they log into the platform on a daily basis. (PRC) Facebook is the most popular platform for sharing content across all generations, with 51% of Gen Z, 62% of millennials, 58% of Gen X, and 63% of Baby Boomers using it most often out of all social media. (BuzzStream x Fractl / PRC)
  • Gen X: 
    • Keep Your Website Updated: 
      • Gen Xers are the most likely to get their news from websites or apps, millennials are most likely to get it from social networking sites, and baby boomers are most likely to get it from local TV. (PRC)
  • Millennials: 
    • Make Everything Mobile Friendly: 
      • Over 25% of millennials use a mobile phone as their primary source for content compared with 17% of Gen Xers and 7% of baby boomers. (BuzzStream x Fractl)
  • Gen Z:
    • Incorporate Videos: 
      • 93% of Gen Zers say they visit YouTube at least once a week. (Mobile Marketer)

2. What they value 

While each generation is different, many studies argue that what we value has a lot in common with only a few nuances. While Gen X will value humor in your messaging the most, everyone will appreciate it. While Gen Z will value your authenticity the most, everyone will appreciate your transparency. As you’re crafting your marketing strategy ask yourself if the tone you are taking will resonate with all generations within your target audience.  If the answer is yes, you’re already considering what each generation values. 

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Posted by Jessica Freeman at 08:40