Making The Case: Why Law Offices Need a Compelling Digital Presence

Making The Case: Why Law Offices Need a Compelling Digital Presence

As a digital-first agency, we believe that a digital strategy can make a difference for any industry, but law offices in particular have a lot to gain from a compelling digital presence. In a competitive space, law offices rely on lead generation and brand recognition to build their customer base. Here’s a few recent examples of how we’ve partnered with law firms to drive results. 

Black McLaren Jones Ryland & Griffee

We set out to equip BMJRG with a website that reflects movement, personality, and one that would capture their mastery of the legal space. Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, their practice consists of 17 attorneys that specialize in civil litigation and have licenses in states across the US. 

While some firms may specialize in just a few areas, BMJRG has a vast portfolio of offerings. Showcasing all of these in an easily understandable way can be a challenge, specifically on mobile sites. Pairing simple icons with responsive fields allows users to get the full picture, no matter what device they’re visiting from. 

You may also notice the artistic aesthetic woven throughout the site. BMJRG is known for the beautiful artwork displayed in their office, so we incorporated hints of these paintings throughout the site to show their personality and interests in a fresh way.

Additionally, a secure hosting platform is especially important for the legal space. Here at Speak, we don’t take privacy and security lightly, which is why we take extra precautions to protect your assets. We know that within the legal space, certain information that you’re storing is a paramount concern and it’s important to work with a partner that takes security and privacy seriously.

Kentucky Legal Aid

For 40 years, Kentucky Legal Aid has been providing top-tier, free legal services to disabeled individuals, senior citizens, and those living in poverty. We took their website from a dull design that lacked key information to a professional, easy to use and easy to understand informational source.

Their incredible work in the community needed an exceptional site for their wide range of clients. With four locations and a large network of pro bono providers, they needed a web presence that would connect each of their key audiences together. After a few initial branding tweaks on their former logo, the site came to life. Their new robust site includes many facets such as a blog, place for donations, and custom interior pages with load-on-scroll. 

We set out to provide them with a better online process for their intake program. Legal Information Network of Kentucky, or LINK, is a system that allows for attorneys to quickly accept counsel, advise cases, and provide services from the comfort of their own offices. It provides impactful legal counsel and advice to rurally isolated and impoverished clients through the agency’s service area. LINK enlists volunteer attorneys to provide telephone interviews with legal aid clients in need. Volunteer attorneys have the ability to choose the number of referrals they receive, and the types of cases that will be referred to them from the online portal. 

Another unique part of the KLA site is the “Safety Exit” button. This clickable button follows the user throughout the site allowing for a one click escape onto the Google homepage if they wanted their session to be private. This functionality is reflective of Kentucky Legal Aid’s dedication to the safety of their potential clients. The work they’re doing in their community is part of why many members of our team list this project as a major highlight in previous years. The work they’re doing in their community is part of why many members of our team list this project as a major highlight in previous years.

Chiozza Law

While a new website design is essential for businesses today, your digital marketing presence is equally important in building brand recognition for your organization. Chiozza Law Firm out of Memphis knows this well since they joined Speak as a digital marketing partner. As more competitors enter the legal space, it’s important to place your firm in front of those who are seeking counsel through the most common channels. 

After designing a visually appealing and equally effective site, the next step was to tackle SEO, content optimization, and Google ad campaigns. Spoiler alert: Chiozza’s digital marketing campaign results ended in tangible success. Let’s look at some of those numbers in action.

88% of users to the site were new and first-time site visitors. This is a key number for capturing leads and reaching potential clients that connect attorneys to the people in need of legal support or advice. 

Their Google ads received 118% more clicks and 71% more impressions than the previous year. Oftentimes, users searching for an attorney are in somewhat of a frantic mode. With a commitment to consistency, Chiozza’s ads have continued to help them achieve their goals of generating conversions from prospective clients searching for an attorney and growing brand awareness to set them up for success in the future. 

One of the unique parts about Speak is that we’re a one stop shop for anything your organization might need in the digital space and beyond. We come alongside you and your business to create an award winning digital experience for your customers and clients. We take pride in the moments we create, relationships we cultivate, and results we deliver. 

Is your law office ready to spend more time litigating than getting new business? Do you need a marketing partner that can pull their weight? We know firsthand what law firms need and will come alongside you to help your business grow. 

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