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Making an impression through your digital presence

What makes your business great? Take a moment to think about what you would tell someone who is interested in your business and what sets you apart from everyone else-- your “elevator pitch”, if you will.

Chances are you’ve got a great team, you have great products and provide great services, and most likely, you attract great customers, too. Does that sound familiar? I see you nodding your head in agreement. And you’re probably right- but for the hundreds or even thousands of people browsing the internet, looking for a product or service you provide, it’s going take a little bit more convincing. 

Cue: Your digital presence.

Your website is more than just an obligatory business must-have; it’s a resource for your current and future clients, as well as an investment in your own success. It’s also one of the most effective and efficient ways to drive results for your business or organization. An attractive web design can be the difference your customer needs when making the choice between you and a competitor. The same is true for social media. The purpose of your online presence has three main goals:

      • Exposure 
      • Content 
      • Personality


Before a person can do business with you, they first have to find you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best places to start. By optimizing for keywords, maintaining fresh content, and additional strategies, our team of experts can help your business rank high in the searches that matter most to your business. This will not only bring your business to the surface, but provide the first opportunity for people to “meet” you.

Social Media is another tool for raising awareness of your brand -  it's practical, easy, engaging and our team can help, such as recommending content and even maintaining it for you. Choosing which social media outlets are appropriate for your brand is equally important. For instance, Instagram is perfect for highly interactive, visual highlights such as student events for a school. However, it might not be as applicable for a law firm.


They made it to your site, now keep them there and guide them to take action. Bounce rates are the percentage of users who get to your site but immediately decide it’s not what they’re looking for and leave. This metric is important in determining if your website is attracting the right people and keeping them interested. If you’ve optimized your site for keywords, the majority of people coming to your site should be those who are looking for the products and services you offer. 

Well-placed calls-to-action (CTAs) will speak to those who are ready to connect with you directly, to ask questions or jump into business. For those who still want to explore, strategic organization of your site’s information is important. The amount of content and which pieces are included in navigation depends on your business, but generally speaking you want a good balance of visual and written content.

For example, if I’m looking for a cupcake vendor, I do not want to open a baker’s website to read paragraphs about cupcakes; I want to see pictures of their products and read tidbits of relevant information. On the other hand, if I’m comparing industrial products, I would want a picture, but more in-depth information would be necessary as well.


As previously mentioned, when someone visits your website, this is an opportunity for them to “meet” you. Consider this impression the same as making a first impression in person. Your physical appearance, organization of information and the personality a person perceives from interacting with you are all taken into consideration before the customer decides to enter into the sales funnel. All of these are also experienced online. Ideally, people visiting your website will perceive your organization the same way you do. A bank needs to be perceived as professional and trustworthy, while a daycare wants to convey more of a playful, kid-friendly persona.


As you can see, the purpose of a website is so much more than a landing page that shows off your logo. It’s an investment in your business, and is integral to your success in today’s "research first, shop later" sales environment. When it’s used effectively, your digital presence is a tool to draw people in and encourage people to stay. More often than not, the determining factor in whether your company’s next client, church’s next member, or organization’s next volunteer actually makes it to you, is your website and digital presence.

Is your digital presence ready for them?

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Posted by Megan Jones at 11:04 AM