Speak Creative | Keeping Up With Speak: Quarantine Edition

Keeping Up With Speak: Quarantine Edition

Now that we’re all back in the office, trading pajamas for real pants, we wanted to reflect on what we’ve accomplished outside of work during recently. Hear from a few of our own filling in the statement, “In the month of May, the coolest thing I did was…”

Josh Cooper, Director of Creative

...work on my family’s content creation brand called "Uploads of Fun". In May, our TikTok account grew by 395K. From 500K to 895K. 

Kindra Svendsen, Vice President of Client Partnerships

...go "remote" with my family at Miramar beach. Working from a patio overlooking the Gulf was good for the soul, and being able to break up our quarantine with some socially-distanced beach time was a welcome retreat for the whole family. It was a great break from the house projects, puzzles, baking, video games, and other quarantine activities we'd been keeping busy with.

Mark Palomino, Web Designer

...watch New Girl for the 4th time through

Carson Ford, Front End Development Manager + Designer

...use my free time to draw, so here’s something I drew this month. 

Jordan Dudek, Cinematographer

...work on a silly short film project with a friend that was for a competition.

Adam Kalwas, Brand Strategist

...start teaching myself music theory and production. I've been having a lot of fun working with my wife, brother-in-law, and some of my friends on creating music. I'm currently helping my wife record a cover that she is singing. We were both musical people back in high school and college, so we figured the quarantine would be the perfect time to pick things up again.

Sarah Vaughan, Senior Content Specialist

...help place flags on the graves of veterans at the West Tennessee Veterans Cemetery here in Memphis. 

Brittany Bowden, Designer

...go to my kids’ last day of school celebration. Our neighbors put together a carnival games type celebration in the front yard and movie night later in the back.

Matt Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

...bake bread. The first photo bread is a pain de mie, which is rich sandwich bread. Second is a sourdough loaf. I’d never made bread before, but when everyone else started doing the quarantine bake-off, I figured I’d give it a try. The first several attempts weren’t so great (I wasn’t working the dough enough to build up the gluten structure), but about 4-5 tries in, I started to figure it out.

Megan Jones, Client Success Manager

...put together a 2,000 piece Disney Pixar puzzle. 

Matt Grayson, Director of Full Stack Development

...replace some of my plants that didn’t survive the winter with lavender, salvia, and moneywort plants. 

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