Is it Time for Your Business to Have an App?

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Is it Time for Your Business to Have an App?

In a recent study by ComScore, they reported that for the very first time, Americans are getting more than half of their digital media from app downloads, overtaking desktop and mobile browsers.

This translates to one out of every three smartphone users downloading at least one app each month. In just the last year, app usage has jumped 52%. According to ComScore, "apps drive the vast majority of media consumption activity on mobile devices, accounting for approximately 7 out of every 8 minutes."

Does your business have an app that engages users to learn more about your products, services or attraction? If not, chances are there is a broad audience you're missing out on that could be valuable to your company's growth.

The key to determining if an app is right for you, is to look at the functions of your business as well as your customers. Do your customers use your business in a way that would be made easier through an app? In order for an app to be useful, the function of the app must offer visitors some value to revisit it on a regular basis. 

Does MY Business Need an App?

Think about your business and the ways that a user would engage with you through an app. There are several functions that can be made easier through convenient apps, including:

  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Viewing payment history or making payments
  • E-Commerce, online shopping 
  • Flight or package tracking
  • Making reservations, viewing menus or ordering online
  • Using a valuable tool that helps user complete a task, i.e. estimator or calculator 
  • Entertainment through videos, pictures, games, etc.
In addition to the insights on app usage from ComScore, their research also indicated that the median age of both iPhone and Android users was 40 years old and that iPhone users had a higher income than Android ($85k v. $61k).

It was also reported that iPhone users spend more time on apps for general news while Android users favor search and navigation apps, and iPhone users spend nine more hours engaging apps than their Android counterparts.

With such an increase in mobile app usage, small to medium size businesses that can utilize a specialized app to capture their audience will be able to increase the amount of communication between themselves and users, and create brand loyalty and trust.

We build beautiful Apps that work.

Do you think an app is right for you? Here at Speak, we have developers dedicated to creating beautiful and functional apps for Android and iOS and Windows, that are great for phones and tablets in a variety of screen sizes. To learn more about our process for app development, contact our team of professional app developers.
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