Holiday Shopping & SEO: Maximizing Your Holiday Sales

Holiday Shopping & SEO: Maximizing Your Holiday Sales

Are your halls decked? Is your tree lit? We're just kidding-- Christmas is still 14 weeks away. While you're still in the clear if you haven't started your holiday shopping, now is the time to start planning for your business. In addition to readying your business inventory and promotions for the influx of holiday traffic, is your web presence ready?

In a July poll from G/O Digital, 48% of shoppers begin shopping by November, and they're actively looking for deals and gift ideas before that. What's more, 7 out of 10 shoppers report they “often or always” research products digitally before visiting a store. With an updated and active digital strategy, this could mean a big piece of the holiday pie for your business! Now is the time to put that strategy in place; if you wait too long, your competition may capture those early shoppers and put you behind the curve.

To get your store ready for the holidays, we've included a 5-point checklist below. Covering topics from social media, to website and SEO, this quick checkup will ensure you're holiday sales-ready.

5 ways to Maximize Holiday Sales Digitally

1. Website

We have to start at your website. Is it appealing to your customers? Can they easily find your products and shop for them online, or get enough information to encourage their purchase? If your website is hard to navigate, it might send users away during the research phase, tarnishing their experience with your brand and sending them looking elsewhere. Good user flow is important any time of the year, but when holiday shoppers are on a mission for specific information, it's more important than ever.

We've said it before, but a mobile-friendly website is key in the holiday shopping puzzle. Holiday shoppers are in a 'go forward' mindset, and are constantly on the go. If they can't access your website on their mobile device, changes are it will cause them to back away from interacting with your brand and creating frustration around your website is no way to make a sell!

2. Keyword Strategy

Do you sell one of the most sought after holiday products? Do you offer a service that is widely sought after during the holidays? These important parts of your business need to be realized in your digital strategy. From anchor text to headings and page titles, your site should be optimized to bring attention to these best-sellers. When people are searching online for your product, they should be able to find you, not your competitors. 

You can plan blogs and fresh content around these items to help give them an extra boost in your holiday keyword strategy.

3. Email Marketing

Are you having your biggest sale of the year? Don't forget your online audience. Starting to promote specific products or promotions will keep you top of mind for customers when they are ready to start their holiday shopping. Promote your email list now, and focus on growing it before the holidays to reach more people with your special holiday marketing messages. As you get busier closer to the holidays, you may find it useful to schedule out planned emails, so you have more time to monitor and review the successes of your marketing efforts.

4. Social Media

What better way to tell a potential customer they can buy gifts for their loved ones than by reaching them as they're interacting with each other? Social media marketing, if it's not already implemented, is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your best customers. In fact, new changes to Facebook allow you to target your email list specifically, and create 'lookalike' audiences. This means not only current customers but perfectly aligned potential customers can see your holiday promotions. Starting early is key, and building top of mind awareness for your brand now will help as people begin scrambling for last minute Christmas gifts.

5. In-Store Capture

The holiday season is the perfect time to grow your social media following, your email list and your website traffic. Shoppers are consistently looking for exclusive promotions and savings. Try offering a deal that can only be tapped into once they've activated their relationship with you, via email sign up, Facebook like or Instagram follow. This gives you a captive audience that is looking for promotion from you, and allows you to promote your business to them throughout the rest of the year, hopefully turning them into a loyal customer for your brand.

Holiday Sales Strategy

We know that as a business owner, you want what’s best for your business. Sometimes talk of your “digital presence” can be confusing or can seem tedious or impossible to manage. Our digital marketing experts can help. We help businesses of all sizes navigate through what it means to have an active digital presence and can help yours in time for the holidays.

Is your holiday season looking merry and bright, or do you need a bit of help to get on track? To speak with a member of our team, click below.

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