Growth Hacking Your Social Media

Growth Hacking Your Social Media

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Whether you want to grow your Instagram or Twitter follower count, market your business using Facebook ads or want to know more about new and emerging platforms, we have a team that can help with all you need to know to make your business social.

While we fully believe tapping into your core audience is the absolute best way to spread your marketing message, growing those fan bases can often seem impossible. The following growth hacks can help you increase your social audiences and in turn can have a major impact on your business!

Tell people how to find you online

Do you have a Twitter handle or link to Facebook on your in-office signage? How about icons in advertisements, email signatures, brochures, etc.? Putting icons, links or URLs for the social media platforms you use is a great way to inform customers that they can join the conversation.

Including social calls to action is also a very subtle invitation and empowers them to find you, which is more effective than blasting them with emails, mailers or other sometimes-intrusive marketing methods.

Other places where its important to call attention to your social platforms are your website, through word of mouth and even through your own personal social media pages. Don’t forget that you can also use branding spaces on your social platforms to convey your business message, important contact information or website details. This cross-promotion gives you multiple touch points with your targeted user.

Find your Niche Audience

It goes without saying that while millions of followers would be great, only around 10-20% of that audience is probably the ideal target for your business. Growing an audience that’s willing and wanting to engage with your audience will set up your social media platforms to be an active part of your marketing.

Engaging influencers in your niche market is one great way to gain follows or fans. An influencer is a person who has a large following from fans in your target audience. Creating a relationship with an influencer is mutually beneficial for both of you, and can help your brand reach potential customers that wouldn’t otherwise find you.

In his book “Brandscaping”, Andrew Davis suggests catching the eye of influencers using the “Social Media 4-1-1” method. This method for sharing on all social media platforms involves sharing four pieces of content created from influencers and subject experts for every one piece of original content, and one sales piece. This method helps influencers take notice of your brand and entices them to share your content with their followers and builds trust from you for not only pitching or sharing your own products.

be accessible and easy to find

What’s your purpose of having social media pages? Of course you want to grow your business, reach new customers and advertise your product or service, but the main goal of your social media should be to interact. Social media is just that- social! Many brands get so involved in providing content and planning exactly how to reach their customers, they forget that they should be listening, too. Asking questions, responding to posts and providing value and interaction with your customers is necessary for growth.

If you are spending time pushing content and articles out but don’t take time to answer or ask your customers for their opinion, engagement will drop which in turn will alert the platform’s algorithms to drop the reach of your posts.This can have a major impact on who sees your social media efforts.

Help Your Community out

One not often mentioned way to boost your reach and get in front of more people is to tag relevant people or companies in your posts. Tagging community influencers or groups increases reach by showing up on the timelines of those who like the page or person tagged. This is especially useful on Facebook, but also can work on other platforms.

Sharing articles and tagging the source are also great ways to build reciprocal relationships and allow you to start a link-sharing relationship that can have a big impact on who sees your posts.

In addition to the goodwill relationship you are creating with the source, sharing articles for your industry or community also provides a groundwork for becoming an authority on the subject or an influencer in your own right.

Posting Times are important

The insights and analytics for each of the platforms are increasingly becoming more intuitive and for great reason. Taking a look at when your audiences are most engaged online provides a framework for when your posts should be delivered. It is not enough to send out tweets 9am-5pm, especially if your Twitter audience is most active at 9pm.

In addition to the platform analytics, several third party apps let you measure this, including Klout and Followerwonk. Posting when your fans are online increase the chances that your message will be seen. Failure to post at optimal times will decrease your reach and will likely not engage your audience at all.

As we mentioned last week, Facebook and Twitter are becoming more intuitive to the types of content that is interacted with, and will continue to promote relevant content no matter what time it was pushed, so as a rule it is best to test this theory with your specific audience. 

Optimize your Images

Many times when you share an article, you’ll notice that the photo preview is blurry, offset or too small to be seen. These are all things that can cause a user to skip over or keep scrolling. Knowing your optimal pictures sizes for each of your networks is important to ensure that your content is visually presented in the best way possible.

Our not-so-secret, but super important tip for this is to regularly check-in and use the recommended dimensions for each network. SproutSocial, a marketing automation and scheduling software has taken a lot of the guesswork out, by releasing an “Always Up-to-Date” Social Cheat Sheet that keeps tabs on the best practice dimensions for any image across most mainstay social platforms.

It’s important to note that even though dimensions may be proportionate to one another, resolution is not. In fact, Facebook and Twitter's recommend images are essentially the same proportions as one another, however if you take a look at this spreadsheet, you will see that Facebook prefers images with twice as many pixels. Their uploader compresses images differently and can make a great picture used on Twitter seem blurry and low resolution.

Using these growth hacking strategies will ensure that your branding and voice are consistent and give you an advantage when growing your social audience. Once you’ve created your optimal audience, the creation of your social media strategy will easily remain more targeted and easier to execute.

A successful social media strategy will create brand loyalty and keep your brand top of mind for your audience. As a result of a well-planned strategy, web traffic, social referrals and conversions are much easier to obtain, and are a better, more engaged way to grow your brand. Our digital marketing team works effectively with clients in many industries to grow their social media audiences and achieve key performance indicators through engagement, interaction and content marketing.

Reach out to us with any social media questions you have or leave a comment below. Our digital marketing team can assist you in growth hacking your social media presence.

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