Learn How To Put YOUR Business On Google!

Learn How To Put YOUR Business On Google!

How Do You Put YOUR Business on Google?

It's easy. Google My Business is a powerful tool to help you manage your business online.

It helps you connect directly to your customers through search, maps, reviews, media, insights and so much more. It’s extremely important to keep your information up-to-date online. Recently, Google said businesses who haven't stayed active or logged into their listings could be deactivated.

With Google My Business, owners can share business information such as hours of operation, phone numbers, addresses and even reviews. I think it's one of the most powerful tools a business owner has at his/her disposal. Plus it's free.

How to put your business on Google:


Getting started is simple.

Claim your Google My Business Listing in 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Head on over to Google's Business Page and click “Get on Google”.

Step 2. Find your business on the map.

Step 3. Select or add your business.


There are three scenarios that can happen.

1. You already have a Google My Business. If this is the case, just click "Continue" and it will take you to your dashboard.

2. Someone else has already verified it. That means someone else may have already claimed this business. Click “Request Admin Rights” or visit Google My Business Help.

3. Don't see your business listed, go ahead and click "None of these match" and add your business!


Why use Google My Business?

Be available for your customers.

Google states it best:

Show the world you're open for business.

When you use Google My Business, you are able to control how you appear online. Whether it's through search results, Google Maps or even Google+. Google My Business provides a window to your current and potential customers.

Be useful to your customers.

You never really know when your customers are looking for you. The solution? Be available even when you are not available. With Google My Business, you are able to make sure potential customers know your hours of operation. 

You are able to share and update your address automatically and even provide your phone number directly.

See what customers are saying about you.

Reviews are pulled right into the Google My Business Dashboard. This is extremely important to tracking your performance as a company and creating a open channel to your customer or user. You can even respond to reviews, both good and bad. 

We all know how important reviews are to your business's success.

See how people are finding you.

Page insights are also built right into the Google My Business. Owners can easily see how their brand is performing online. You can also see views, clicks, driving direction requests and even phone calls!

If you are active on Google+, you can also see recent post information such as views, clicks, and new followers.

What else should I know about Google My Business?

It is huge for local SEO.

A verified Google+ Business page is a game changer for local SEO. Google immediately indexes information on Google+. Also, the information used in knowledge graph results are directly pulled from a brands Google+ page.

It is perfect for users and owners on all devices.

The Google My Business dashboard is accessible through both web and mobile. Google built out an awesome Android and iOS app to help you manage your business on the go. Also, all of the elements mentioned above like reviews, phone numbers, addresses are all accessible in mobile search results.

If you want, you can connect face-to-face with your customer.

Google has seamlessly integrated Google Hangouts into the Google My Business dashboard. Granted, this may be ahead of its time -- but very, very cool. 

More recently, Google is testing out the ability to chat with your customer straight from search results.

We're here to help.

Need Google My Business help? We understand that setting up your page may not be easy for everyone. We're here to help!

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