Going Digital: Why Church Websites and Apps are Necessary

Going Digital: Why Church Websites and Apps are Necessary

Here at Speak, we get to work with a variety of clients all across the country. From Seattle to Naples, and California to New York, we've got clients including zoos, aquariums, orthodontists, landscapers- you name it! One special area where we like to focus is with ministry teams and churches throughout the US. From traditional Methodist church websites to non-denominational and multi-campus churches, we know a thing or two about helping churches grow their online presence.

In fact, we've dedicated significant time into developing a turn-key solution called Everchurch to ministries large and small that will help create a total digital presence, including websites, apps and integrated social media presence. So what and how are churches marketing themselves? One thing is certain: they're going digital.

According to Hubspot, nearly half (46%) of people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of an organization

A website for a church is likely the first impression they can give someone looking for a new church community and how it's viewed is as important as ever. From the home page, all the way into small groups, childcare and contact pages, a website communicates exactly what the church is about. A dull, outdated website may lack the appeal that draws in new members, but a bright, thriving and up-to-date website can engage and interest visitors, converting them to join you for services.

Before the big internet boom, families relied on word-of-mouth or neighborhood based recommendations and searched far and wide to find a church that met their needs and felt like home. In recent years, there has been a 35% increase in percentage of church attenders who said a church’s website was important in picking a church to visit.

In today's tech-filled world, a church with a powerful online presence can give a first-hand look into the culture of their church ministry and familiarizes people with what to expect before they even walk through the doors.

Connecting to the Congregation

In addition to reaching new church members that haven't connected to a church before, being digital allows current members to get connected and stay connected throughout the week. Media archives also give your church a platform for sharing sermons with a wider audience, and allows for social sharing to reach even more people.

Small groups, secondary ministries and children's program also have a public platform to share what's happening in their groups with the rest of the church. This puts events, news and lessons into the spotlight and creates a stronger sense of community and camaraderie. For example, parents can feel more connected to the church as a whole by understanding what's in to what's happening inside the children's ministry and know what events are coming up, which allows them to engage with their kids better.

Church Apps for On-the-Go Communication

Elevating a church's website presence with a smartphone app is the ideal way to remain top of mind with their congregation and allows them to receive communication and engage with the church no matter where they are! From listening to podcasts and reading blogs, to viewing the event calendar and sharing socially, an app connects the church directly with people in the palm of their hand.

A daily devotional or mid-week messages can help individuals in the congregation apply church lessons into their daily life and feel connected to their church.

Many church families also find an app is a great way to get interactive with younger audiences who may not engage traditionally with the church. In fact, with 70% of church-going millennials saying that they use a smartphone or the internet to read scripture, a mobile app is a logical tool that can reach this audience.

Church growth in 2015 and Beyond

An active, mobile friendly digital presence is more important than ever for businesses to continue to grow and gain exposure to new and potential clients.

Thinking of your church as a business that relies on growth to continue lays out a clear picture of how important an active web is. Will your current website entice and engage potential members to join your congregation? If you think your church could use an update, or would like to ask any questions about Everchurch, contact our church website specialists.

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