3 Simple Ways to Get More Google Reviews

3 Simple Ways to Get More Google Reviews

We recognize that Google reviews are important for local SEO. But, all of us need a reminder that Google reviews aren’t losing any importance and are a major contributor to attracting new business.

Think about this: when you shop on Amazon, what is the one thing you do before you check out? I bet you read the reviews. Am I right?

I certainly read the reviews.

Before I even click into a product, I look at the star rating, as you can see above. If the product doesn’t have at least 4-5 stars, then I’m not going to click into the product. It’s not worth my time if it isn’t a good product.

I also look at the number next to the stars. I like to know how many people reviewed the product. Why? Because if only one person rated it five stars, then I don’t really know if the product is that great. One person isn’t enough to convince me. I need at least 3-5 people to confirm it’s either good or bad.

The same is true for Google reviews.

Google Reviews As A Deciding Factor

Let’s do a quick test to truly understand what we’re dealing with here.

If you are looking for a lawn care company, would you call a company with these ratings or one with a rating of 1-2 star? I know I’d call Lawn Solutions because they have a 4.4 rating with 9 total reviews.

Google reviews are the initial deciding factor for local businesses. Again, reviews filter out people immediately. If your star rating and reviews are positive, more people will pick up the phone and call or click into your website.

You could have the most well-designed logo or the neatest profile photo for your business. But, if your ratings and reviews are terrible, I’m not going to contact you for anything. It’s the truth.

However, businesses spend most of their time and budget on things like a logo design or a particular photograph, neglecting the opportunity to get reviews on their Google business listing. Doesn’t it seem backwards?

Granted, you need a good logo for other branding needs. I get that. However, when it comes to your local presence on Google and your local SEO, you MUST focus on getting peer endorsements in the form of reviews. It’s the No. 1 deciding factor from the beginning for acquiring new business from Google traffic.

How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

There’s no magic formula here. I wish there was, honestly. But there are three steps you can take to get more:

  1. Ask them

  2. Show them

  3. Remind them


You can’t get around asking your customers/clients to review you. It’s that simple and that hard. You must ask someone to leave a review if you’re going to get a review. You can ask for a review in a multitude of ways:

  • Ask after you complete a job

  • Ask the latest customer you interacted with

  • Ask through an email

  • Ask when you send a bill

  • Ask when you conclude a conversation on the phone

Take any and every opportunity you can to ask a customer to review you. Of course, don’t be annoying and pressure someone. No one likes that. But simply ask and you will get reviews.


Refer to the video above and show your customer how to leave a review. Some will know how to do it, no problem. Others will have no idea how to leave a review on Google. Remember, the process goes like this:

  1. Sign into Google (Gmail account)

  2. Search for your business on Google

  3. Click to leave a review

  4. Select star rating, write review and submit.

The key here is showing a customer that they must sign into Google and navigate to your business listing on Google to leave the review. Sometimes that’s difficult for people to do, so show them how.


Remember, we all get busy. We all forget a few things. When you ask someone to leave a review, remember that they probably have 10 other things on their to-do list for the day. It may take them a week to drop the review. They may forget altogether. Make sure you follow up with them within two weeks and remind them about leaving a review. Trust me, it won’t annoy them. We all need a nudge from time-to-time.

Get Out There & Get Google Reviews

Right this very moment you need to see how many reviews you have on your Google business listing. Go ‘Google’ your business and see. Set a goal of getting 5 or 10 reviews. Make a list of customers you can ask for a review. If you can’t think of 5 happy customers, then ask someone in your business who interacts with customers on a regular basis. Put together a list and then ask them, show them and remind them. You will get reviews, and it will open your business to getting more leads.

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