From the intern: Grace Ingram

From the intern: Grace Ingram

For the second year in a row, Speak hosted a local high school student to intern with us and learn more about our website design and app development business. This year, we had the privilege of hosting Grace Ingram, and we thought it might be fun to let her tell you a little about her time here.

Hi, I'm Grace!

I'm interested in becoming a graphic designer, so I interned with Speak Creative this week through a program from my school, FACS. The first day I was here, I was given a tour of the office. Everyone greeted me and shook my hand, making me feel extremely welcome. I even got hooked up with my own workspace and iMac.

Throughout the week I was able to experience many aspects of the company. I spent most of my time talking to two designers (Noah and Eli) and watching them do their work and create some amazing websites and apps. I had no idea how involved it was to design and code these kinds of things. My respect for these designers skyrocketed when I realized how much work has to be done.

Noah and Eli talked me through whatever they were working on at the moment and just by observing, I learned many tips and tricks about Photoshop and Illustrator and Fireworks; things I could have never learned just by myself. They worked so hard all day, making sure every detail was taken care of and every line was precise. The hours they put into these websites and apps and whatever else they happen to be working on is extremely admirable. They truly have a passion about what they do, and it pays off.

I was also able to observe a meeting where Eli presented a client with the first proof of a website he had designed for the client's company. The client was extremely pleased with the website because Eli was able to put into a website exactly what the client had requested. In another meeting I was able to watch all the designers come together and critique each other's work, helping each other out, so that the final product can be the best quality as possible.

Overall, I learned everyone who works at Speak Creative works so very hard, doing their best to make the client happy and going leaps and bounds past what is asked of them. They won't just throw something out there that isn't good quality, it has to be their very best work for them to be happy with it.

This week has given me a really good understanding of the type of creativity and attention to detail that is required to be a successful graphic designer. Now, if I could only convince someone to let me have this iMac...

Posted by Speak Intern at 9:30 AM