Feature Friday: vPlaybook.com

Feature Friday: vPlaybook.com

Welcome back! This week we're looking at the launch of a pretty awesome single-page product website that we put together for the fine folks at DSG Consulting. The vPlaybook website is, as you'd expect, built around showing off the amazing capabilities of the vPlaybook platform. vPlaybook is a dynamic HTML 5 platform to help DSG and its team consult with its clients to translate each client's sales strategy into real-time customer conversations.

vPlaybook leverages many engaging technologies and functional components to equip on-the-go salespeople, and it was our challenge to build a web presence that fully captured the innovation and usefulness of the platform. In consultation with DSG, we decided to pursue a single-page presentation of the product, so a visitor to the website has a logical flow of information as he/she scrolls down the page. Embedded video, client logos and photographic storytelling features complement the testimonials and text content to create an "ah ha" moment in the mind of business professionals looking to train and equip a mobile salesforce.

Have questions about the vPlaybook.com website or want to talk with us about how we might be able to help you? Give us a shout. We'd love to help!

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