Feature Friday: Saddle Creek Orthodontics

Feature Friday: Saddle Creek Orthodontics

This week we're featuring one of our favorite new clients, Saddle Creek Orthodontics. Dr. Kyle Fagala opened his new practice in Germantown on July 15 (so get over there!), but the website has actually been live for a bit longer. Over the years, we've worked with a lot of highly motivated, energetic and organized clients, but Dr. Fagala may take the cake. Not only was he on time and prepared for every single meeting, but in most cases, he tweeted at us before and after the meeting! It has been a true privilege working with Dr. Fagala, and we're pumped to see the success he's already having with the opening few weeks of his practice.

The Saddle Creek Orthodontics website embraces a clean aesthetic that is balanced by warm, engaging photo, video and social elements. Every component of the website is intentionally built to gently nudge website visitors forward in their exploration of Saddle Creek Ortho. If you've ever work with an orthodontist, you likely already know that there are a litany of options for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite, so we built the website to feature a wide variety of text, photo and video content that would help a potential visitor make sense of his or her options. 

Of course, knowing the options isn't nearly enough. A potential patient needs to feel absolutely confident that he or she will be handled with care by a professional who is truly concerned about the end-result: a beautiful smile. To that end, we designed testimonial features throughout the website to display the consistently wonderful feedback Dr. Fagala receives from his patients. 

There is one component that, I must admit, is my favorite: Smile Stories. On this page you'll find some truly amazing before and after photo galleries. There's something about seeing folks genuinely happy, and you can see that happiness in every single "after" photo. Go ahead, take a look. I bet you'll find yourself grinning without even realizing it.

Have questions about the Saddle Creek Ortho website, or want to talk with us about how we might be able to help you? Give us a shout. We'd love to help!

Posted by Matt Roberts at 8:30 AM