Feature Friday: Muddy's Bake Shop

Feature Friday: Muddy's Bake Shop

This week we're going to be taking a little bit more extended look into a site for an organization that many of you know and love, Muddy's Bake Shop! The Muddy's website launched a bit earlier in the year and has been a tremendous upgrade to Muddy's overall digital presence aesthetically, functionally and socially.

The new Muddy's website fully embraces the whimsical aesthetic for which Muddy's is known. Hand-drawn elements, fun textures, light-hearted font choices and (of course) the famous Muddy's gnomes combine to create a website that feels warm and inviting while challenging you to not take life too seriously. We think it's a perfect representation of what everyone loves about walking into Muddy's.

For Muddyphiles the world over, there is one thing we all want to know on a weekly basis: what's in the case this week! With the previous website, this was a manual process, but with the new website we built a much more dynamic display (with pictures - yum!) that requires very little effort from one week to the next. "This Week's Selections" now appear on the home page too!

The other component of the new website that we LOVE is the ability to order products online! The biggest factor in making online ordering a reality was figuring out a way to deal with Muddy's constant demand, local pickup and limited production capacity. We built new functionality on top of SiteWrench's eCommerce platform to streamline this process by enacting pre-built business rules to keep orders from overwhelming the Muddy's staff. The results have been exceptional - Muddy's has received several hundred online orders since launching the website earlier in the year!

First of all, if you're not already following Muddy's on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, do yourself a favor and start. It's no secret that Kat and the rest of the Muddy's crew loves to interact with customers and talk about what they are passionate about (sometimes baking but lots of other stuff too!). The new website makes it easy to connect with Muddy's through social media, displays a live Instagram feed throughout the site and connects folks to the always-entertaining Muddy's blog.

As I'm sure you can tell, we are pumped about the new Muddy's website. If you have any questions about the Muddy's website, or if you'd like to talk with us about how we might be able to help you, give us a shout. We'd love to help (and we'd probably bring you some cupcakes)!

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Posted by Matt Roberts at 10:30 AM