Feature Friday: Amro Music

Feature Friday: Amro Music

We're back with another Feature Friday! Last week, we featured Saddle Creek Orthodontics, this week we're featuring an institution of music in Memphis, Amro Music. Amro has been a longtime customer of ours, but its previous website had basically outlived its usefulness. Thus, we proceeded down the road of dreaming about what a website redesign could be for Amro. I mention dreaming, and before we get too far into this, we have to give a big tip of the cap to Mr. CJ Averwater, VP of Amro. CJ was our primary contact throughout the process, and he possesses a strong love of all things design and technology that borders on mania. You might assume that walking into a project with a company that is nearly 100 years old would be boring. You would be wrong. CJ, from the very first conversation, made it abundantly clear that he wanted a website with a lot of functional bells and whistles. We were only too happy to oblige.

One of the first things you might notice about the Amro website is that it is encoded to be responsive in nature. No matter what type of device you might be using to access the website, you should get a presentation that is optimal for the specific screen size being used. Responsive websites represent a prevailing trend in website design as well as a huge opportunity to communicate to an audience with a wide variety of devices and setups.

Of course, you'll probably pretty quickly notice the use of a lot of white space. Band directors are one of the primary audiences of the website, and as a band director looks through all of the instruments available through Amro, the last thing we wanted to do was turn him or her away because of eye fatigue. The judicious use of white space and serif fonts combine to create an optimum environment for extended browsing sessions.

Beyond the look, the website makes use of many components of the SiteWrench content management platform to assist in content distribution (dynamic upcoming events feature, banner rotation, etc.) and increasing revenue (Amro clients can pay their bills directly through the website). The end product is a highly polished, highly functional website that propels Amro's online presence back into its leadership position.

Have questions about the Amro website, or want to talk with us about how we might be able to help you? Give us a shout. We'd love to help!

Posted by Matt Roberts at 8:30 AM