Entirely Off Topic: Ultimate Power Rankings Round 3

Entirely Off Topic: Ultimate Power Rankings Round 3

At Speak, we love to rank (and debate the rankings of) life's most trivial things. We're back again to crown a new champion while debating the best fast food items, ice cream flavors, game shows, and Olympic sports. Join Speak Creative's VPs, CEO, and Digital Marketing Manager for an entirely off topic and ridiculous conversation.

Roberts: Hello everyone and thank you for joining us. You're listening to A Little Off Topic, one agency's water cooler chat on digital marketing business and all the things that get in the way, presented by Speak Creative. Let's get into it.

Kindra: Welcome back to A Little Off Topic. To end season 2, we have not one guest, but two. So we have our season 1 host David Caffey back with us for another round of ultimate power rankings. Hi David.

Jacob: Hey, thank you for having me.

Kindra: And joining him is Speak's CEO and founder, Jacob Savage. Hi Jacob.

Jacob: Thank you for having me.

Kindra: Welcome back to the podcast. So our loyal listeners may notice we're mixing up the power ranking rules this time, but we make rules here. It's A Little Off Topic. So anything goes. So this time, we are going to present a category and our whole panel will try to provide their top three lists within that category. So with that said, we'll go through and pick the winner from there. So David, I'm going to pass the baton to you. Can you please guide us through a thrilling round of the ultimate power rankings to end Season 2?

David: Absolutely. I'm so excited about this. I think last time we did this, I established a whole board for it. Like we had a power rankings federation and rule books. We're throwing that all out the window. I figure we'll go down the line here and the owner of the category, I think we all brought a category except for Jacob, but that's alright. We all brought a category. The owner of the category will go first with their rankings and then we'll all follow after that. How does that sound?

Ervin: Amazing.

Roberts: That sounds great. I miss the fact that there's not a spinner this time.

David: Also with the spinner, I had to delete categories off the spinner a bit. That was a mess. Anyway, that's why we're throwing the rule book out the window today.

Kindra: Who won last time?

David: I don't even, it's not important. But I think it wasn't me. So that's why it's not important.

Ervin: Yeah, it wasn't me either.

David: Oh yes and senior official Jessica will be deciding the winner at the end, just like last time. So as a guest, I am empowering myself to go first with my category in my list. My category is fast food items, something that I've had quite a bit of experience within the last year and a half in my coronavirus pit of despair. So I've had a lot of time to experiment. So I'm going to get this done quickly. Coming in at #3, we have the Sonic route 44 cherry limeade. The best fast food drink I would say. #2 we have a tie, this is unprecedented. We have a tie between the White Castle and Krystal slider with cheese, the traditional burger. Once all those ingredients kind of congeal under that one square, you can't really top that. Except for this last item here, which is the greatest fast food item of all time. Will never be topped. The taco bell cheesy gordita crunch. You have two layers with a cheese in between, and then like an orange sauce. Can't be topped.

Kindra: Is that the official name? Orange sauce?

Ervin: Not to be confused with the fruit orange. It is orange in color.

David: It's a tangy, I mean, come on the ground beef literally comes out of a hose up to the ceiling at Taco Bell, so there's not really a lot of terminology.

Roberts: There's no way he can win this one because he used the word "congeal." That's an auto disqualification.

Kindra: And ceiling meat.

Jacob: What's wrong with congealed, Matt? Tell me you grew up with congealed salad somewhere at your Thanksgiving table.

Roberts: For sure I did. It doesn't make my power rankings, though.

David: The word congeal didn't make... Just to clarify. There's nothing congealed. Anyway, who can top that? I look forward to seeing it.

Kindra: I've got a pretty strong list. So David, I have to agree with you. My number #3 is the Sonic brand slush. So my personal favorite is a strawberry and raspberry slush, but I think it's a step above the Cherry Limeade, any kind of slush there from Sonic. My #2 item, a very specific item, is the Whataburger Ketchup. It is a superior ketchup to all other ketchups.

Roberts: Hmmm.

Ervin: The condiment.

Kindra: Yep. Yep. We hoard it. When we go to whataburger. Bring it home. They have spicy flavor. The ketchup. My #1 item is McDonald's French fries.

Jacob: Hold on. You had a totally different frame of mind when you approached this. I was thinking like entrees only and opening it up to sides and drinks is blowing my mind.

Kindra: Tough break.

Jacob: I might have to go last. I may reconsider some options here.

Roberts: I was about to say, you might be editing your list. Ervin, you want to go next? Or do you want me to?

Ervin: I'll go next. That's fine. Mine aer pretty straightforward and a little boring, but I don't think you can top them. So #3 on the list is the Chick-fil-A spicy chicken biscuit. That's #3. #2 on the list is the Hardy's sausage biscuit. In my opinion, the best fast food sausage biscuit you can find.

Jacob: Except for. I don't have this on my list. I might now, but Milo's conecuh sausage biscuit.

Ervin: I've never been to Milo's. Is it a fast food place?

Jacob: Yes. Like Alabama only.

David: Yeah, but come on. We've gotta talk about national range here, where everybody's on an even playing field when you can get it in both San Francisco and Valdosta, Georgia. You know what I mean?

Jacob: That's right. We do have a wide listener audience.

Ervin: So my #1 is the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. I think that's probably about as good as it gets as far as fast food goes.

Kindra: Really?

Ervin: So the chickfila chicken sandwich, the Hardy's sausage biscuit and the Chick-fil-A spicy chicken biscuit.

Roberts: You said you felt good about your list then that I don't know. I don't feel so good about your list.

Kindra: Pretty weak. The biscuits from Hardy's are great. Not sure about the sausage biscuit when there's the loaded omelette biscuit to compete with it.

Roberts: Alright. So it's my turn. You guys are thieves with my ideas. So I've got some repeats.

Kindra: That's why I wanted to go second.

Roberts: Nice. #3 is the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, which is a strong presence on the list, but not #1. Honorable mention to the Chick-fil-A sauce, by the way. Didn't make my list, but it definitely made the honorable mention. Almost made the cut. #2 is McDonald's fries, always solid, always good. #1. This is like the thing, when I think about like, "do I actually want to go and get something from a fast food restaurant?" It is the thing that I go and get which is not super often, but it is the taco bell hard shell taco.

David: Supreme or regular?

Roberts: No, no, just regular. It used to be like 39 cents or something like way back in the day. So it's like got strong nostalgia vibes.

Jacob: It's 29 cents now.

Kindra: The one they give away with other foods?

Ervin: They still have some left over, so they had to cut the price.

Roberts: If you get a #7 with the chicken quesadilla, it just like comes with the taco. They're like, "oh yeah, sure. Have a taco"

Ervin: We have these laying around. Maybe he'll eat it.

Roberts: Heck yeah.

Ervin: That's #1?

Roberts: That's #1 man.

Kindra: With ceiling meat.

Roberts: It is filled with ceiling meat and if I can pull on emotions to get you to improve your opinion of my #1 ranking, then I will say that on the night that Liss and I got married, somebody who was supposed to leave us like a basket of food from our reception. That didn't happen. So we drove through the taco bell drive thru and ordered 12 taco bell tacos. So it's pretty great.

Ervin: Make me feel sorry for your wife. Is that what we're doing?

Roberts: Hey, her idea man.

Ervin: Did you get the regular taco or did you get like a naked chicken Chalupa?

Roberts: I'm telling you man, regular taco.

Jacob: A themed taco?

Roberts: No, no, no. Regular taco. Alright, that's my list.

Jacob: Does that mean it's my turn?

Roberts: Your turn.

Jacob: I'm a little embarrassed for my list, because you guys apparently had more time than I did and really reached further than I did. So mine is boring like Ervin's. But still solid.

Kindra: Nice burn.

Jacob: So #3. None of you guys went this direction but I really enjoy myself a Jersey Mike's Club Supreme. That counts as fast food, right? No drive thru like most of the places, but an excellent cold cut sandwich. #2 The Big Mac.

Kindra: Solid.

David: Yeah that was an honorable mention for me.

Jacob: It's a great burger. If I'm going through the McDonald's drive thru and I'm getting the French fries and the Coke, I don't get anything else but the Big Mac. I'm like, I'm here. I'm going for it. #1. Can't be can't be denied. Is the Chick-fil-A #1 with extra pickles.

Roberts: Extra pickles? ew.

Jacob: No, no, no, no. There's a strategy here. Extra pickles means the guy has to make it fresh. I don't want the one that's sitting there, which Chick-fil-A doesn't sit for very long, but I want to ensure that they've got a fresh chicken burger and slap some extra pickles on there even if I pull them off.

Roberts: Okay. Well, your list is definitely better than Ervin's, so it's not a low bar to clear.

Ervin: No it's not.

Jessica: Alright. Well, I told myself that I was going to do a better job this time of picking the conviction in which the list was read, rather than just the things on the list I agree with. With that being said, Kindra really knows her audience and her list won. Because the Whataburger ketchup, Sonic. McDonald's fries at the #1 spot. No one can argue that.

Kindra: Yes!

Roberts: I'm sorry. Her list doesn't even constitute a whole meal. It's a drink, some fries and some ketchup.

Jacob: You don't even pay for the ketchup.

Kindra: Haters.

Jessica: That's all you need and Ervin, I know you got a lot of grief for your list, but your list would have been my #2 pick.

Ervin: Thanks. I actually was only willing to put things on the list I'm willing to eat. So most of the other things you guys listed, not eating that.

Roberts: I think all of us had that same frame of reference. Just to be clear.

Jacob: Yeah. David, I did want to let you know that I had the Krystal burger on my list as well and scratched it off after you said it and put on the Jersey Mike's Club Supreme. You want to go get a sack right there?

David: That's commendable. That's a side of sportsmanship right there. Valiant round one. Who's willing to present their list next in their category?

Jacob: I'll start us off with another extremely boring list. Is this the ice cream category?

David: We can very well move onto the ice cream.

Jacob: That's the one I'm referring to. #3. Classic vanilla.

Roberts: Wow. Strong.

Jacob: I love a good vanilla and that's a go-to a lot of times.

Roberts: Do you have a brand preference there?

Jacob: There's a few brands. I think Blue Bell is probably the go-to for a grocery store ice cream for us.

Roberts: Yeah. Alright.

Jacob: The Costco premium vanilla that they have back there.

Roberts: Yeah. That's strong.

Jacob: You can tell there's a difference with that. #2 Ben and Jerry's tonight dough. It's got a variety of doughs in there, including cookie and brownie, I think.

Roberts: Variety of doughs. Nice.

Ervin: Biscuit?

Jacob: #1. I have a special place where I get this, but at the La Michoacana, I enjoy the rum raisin. If you haven't had it, it's good.

Kindra: I always get the mango there.

Jacob: Try the rum raisin and even get the sampler spoon and you won't go anywhere else.

Kindra: Maybe we should have gone with places to get ice cream because that is a list that's definitely worth fighting for.

Jacob: Is that the list you already made? Is that why you're saying that?

Kindra: No. No.

Roberts: Alright, I'll go next.

Jacob: Top that.

Roberts: That was a pretty good list. The strength of your #1 and #2. The #3 is a little bit of a mystery to me but that's alright. It takes conviction to go with vanilla in your list. That's solid man. Alright. My #3 is a mint chocolate chip. Mint is one of those flavors that’s like, I get you either love it or you hate it. For those of you that hate it, it's like, oh wow, I'm eating toothpaste ice cream. It's great. But if you do like it, which I do, it's pretty awesome.

Jacob: Do you eat the green kind?

Roberts: Oh yeah. If you give me a mint chocolate chip that isn't colored like fluorescent green, I don't want it.

Jacob: I don't like the green. Breyer's has a no artificial color option and it's good.

Roberts: Yeah. If I'm being real niche with my list, then I would say that the grasshopper concrete that used to be able to get Sheridan's. RIP. You can't top that from a chocolate chip perspective. So anyway. Alright, so that's my #3. #2 is cookies and cream. You've got ice cream and crushed up Oreos. It doesn't really need a lot of defending other than yeah. The #1, I actually pulled up a page from Jacob's book about pine nut ice cream from La Michoacana, which sounds awful. If you taste it, it's actually the most delicious ice cream you will ever eat. So basically this is an ad for La Michoacana. So you guys want to listen to this and send us some free ice cream.

Jacob: In fact, we were in La Michoacana, just me and my wife and two of the kids in the middle of the day. A news crew comes in and is doing a spot on La Michoacana and we were the family in the background who got interviewed on the nightly news about why we love the ice cream.

Ervin: That's awesome.

Roberts: It wasn't like an investigative report, was it?

Jacob: It was not. They put the wrong name for me on the lower thirds. So it was a little disappointing.

Roberts: Oh, Jason.

Jacob: It was a totally random, completely different name. I think it was another customer.

Kindra: I will go next with my ice cream list. I don't have big convictions around ice cream. I accept that I think gelato is superior. So left that out of here. My #3 is cheesecake ice cream, like a cheesecake blizzard from Dairy Queen. Solid showing. Always great. Bonus points if there's strawberry ribbon.

Roberts: Any ribbons really.

Kindra: Strawberries is the best for sure. My #2 is cookie dough. I'm not quite on the tonight dough train, but again, thinking Dairy Queen blizzard. That's my go-to, but my absolute #1 favorite. My highest conviction here is Jenny's ooey gooey butter cake in a fresh waffle cone.

Jacob: We're paying you too much if you're eating Jeni's ice cream.

Kindra: It's a special treat. It's great.

Jacob: You think Ben and Jerry's is expensive, but then you look at Jeni's and it's like $14 for the pint.

Kindra: No, no we don't buy the pints. We just go to Jeni's.

Ervin: Go to the scoopery.

Kindra: You can get two half scoops. So I get a lavender scoop and ooey gooey butter cake scoop and it is superior.

Roberts: That's a strong #1.

Kindra: So good. If you haven't had it, you can get it in pints and they do ship.

Jacob: Yeah. I want to pay even more to have it shipped.

Kindra: There you go. It's worth it.

David: I'll jump in. I did not do much statistical analysis. I just went with what I would order and I tried to stay within the confines of the Baskin Robbins starting lineup.

Roberts: Mmhmm that's good.

Ervin: 31 to pick from.

David: 31 to pick from. So no shortage of flavors. #3 goes by many names, but I just wrote peanut butter and chocolate. It comes and goes, but we're just going to go with that as a category. #2 butter pecan, you get both butter and pecan in one ice cream. High value proposition. #1 it's been said before, but it is the greatest ice cream of all time. It's mint chocolate chip. Can't go without it.

Kindra: Wow.

Roberts: Yeah. Short and sweet. That's a strong list.

Jacob: Was it dairy queen that's doing the grasshopper? The Girl Scouts Grasshopper cookie blizzard right now. Apparently there was a glut of girl scout cookies because of COVID.

Ervin: So they gave them all to Dairy Queen?

Jacob: I'm sure they sold them.

Ervin: Here's mine. I did not change this after everyone started, this was done prior to the show. So my #3 is Blue Bell mint chocolate chip.

Kindra: I never pick mint chocolate chip.

Ervin: I love mint chocolate chip.

Jacob: Is Blue Bell's green?

Ervin: Yes it is. Oh yes. You need to let it melt just a hair. That's good.

Roberts: That's exactly right.

Ervin: Yeah and then #2. Blue Bell pecan pralines and cream. That's called the game of find the praline bits in the ice cream.

Jacob: Pronounce it right. That's good.

Ervin: Then the best, my favorite, the last one is Jeni's splendid ice cream, brown butter almond brittle. Holy smokes.

Kindra: I've never had that one.

Ervin: Yeah, it is otherworldly. Alright. So that was that list, Jessica.

Jessica: Yeah. Really solid showing from everyone. There are a couple of #1's that I've never had, so it's hard to pick those. I'm going to have to go with David. Classic. I don't even like butter pecan, but I know that that's a popular choice and there was a lot of conviction and really to the point. David gets that round.

Roberts: Well, I like that you had some like framework in place to be like "I'm limiting myself to Baskin-Robbins" that was a good choice.

David: Thank you very much. Worked hard on that.

Ervin: I think the last list is my list. No, there's still the Olympic sports.

David: We have game shows and Olympics, but I'm so interested in hearing what people said for game shows.

Ervin: I'll do that. That's my list. So for the game shows, it's gotta be a game show, right? It can't be the Bachelor. That's not a game. It's gotta be something with contestants that lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Kindra: 22 with commercials.

Ervin: 22. Exactly. Alright, so in reverse order, we watch it every night. I watched with my grandparents growing up. The wheel of fortune #3. There's something about at the end of the day, you go and sit down in your chair and you turn on wheel of fortune and it's just a little relaxing. #2. Classic. I debated as to whether or not this should be the #1, like the one and two are tough, but I went with #2 as Jeopardy. It's hard to beat. There's not a lot of fluff, but the people who win it are really smart. So that's a good one. Then the #1 I don't know that there's another game show that beats this one is The Price Is Right. Like, I mean, it is the best of the best. It's the classic game show. If you've watched the Netflix documentary about the guy who won it so much, like that is a wonderful documentary, you should totally watch that, but that's it. Price is Right. Bob Barker.

Kindra: Matt's list is a "tell me your old without saying your old" list, first of all.

Ervin: That's true.

Kindra: Those are all great. But holy smokes.

Jacob: Scratching out and starting over.

Ervin: I've never claimed to be anything but old, so we're good.

Roberts: Yeah. Alright. Well then I better get my list out of the way because I've got some repeats. Alright. So #3 is Family Feud. It's always entertaining.

Ervin: Steve Harvey is hysterical.

Roberts: Yeah. It's a fun show to watch. It's definitely one of those shows where I like the element of being able to sit down at my TV and actually like, feel like, "oh, I could, I could probably do this" and then, you find out how wrong you are or you realize like, "oh man, I couldn't do that in the moment with cameras on me." But anyway, so family feud is great. #2 is Jeopardy. You know, has very smart people on it. I liked the element of Final Jeopardy with the strategy of trying to wager just the right amount. Yeah. So you've got a strategy element. There is a strategy element in all these, actually. I like jeopardy. Then #1 is the Price Is Right. For all the reasons that Ervin said, as well as just the bidding at the beginning to try to win your round. The inevitable $1 guy.

Ervin: Or the guy that bids $1, but he's not last. He's next to last. Then the next person is $2.

Roberts: So yeah, that's my list and it probably doesn't change Kindra's opinion on either of us.

Jacob: Well, I'll jump in next because we'll keep the trend going. #3 for me would have to be Prices Is Right. The problem with Price Is Right is I enjoy it when it comes on, but it gives me a weird daytime TV feeling that I don't like at all. Like I'm home sick from school and Price is Right is all that's on. But it is enjoyable and I do prefer the Bob Barker version.

Ervin: Yeah. Drew Carey is alright.

Jacob: Drew Carey is okay. #2 just popped into my head. You can't watch it anymore that I know of, but I enjoyed it when it was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I really enjoyed the suspense and the whole knowing the answer on this side, but seeing them freak out, because they didn't know the answer and having to phone a friend and you're like, "oh, you're such an idiot. Why did you have to phone a friend?" Big money at stake. But the go-to classic. Jeopardy. Yep. You can watch jeopardy right before bed and it doesn't raise your blood pressure and you just have a little brain exercise and then go to sleep.

Ervin: You can also watch the same jeopardy, like three weeks later and still not get them all right.

Jacob: And then there's the whole SNL. So rich.

David: So I have completely redone my list since you guys started, ranked on how much I'm going to be yelling at the TV while I'm watching. Coming in at #3, we have Family Feud, which I don't know where they find these people, but sometimes

Kindra: Atlanta, Steve Harvey. I don't like the Steve Harvey version. I like Richard Dawson.

David: The Richard Dawson version. Anyway, #2 we've got Supermarket Sweep because they can never find anything. It's like they've never been in a grocery store in their lives.

Kindra: Love Supermarket Sweep.

Jacob: And Leslie Jones. She's funny.

Kindra: Yeah, the new one.

David: I forgot the new ones. I'm thinking of the one from a hundred years ago and coming in at #1, it's the local knowledge bowl where they pit high schools against each other.

Ervin: I used to watch that when I lived in Memphis.

David: Bless them. They're trying their hardest, but sometimes it's just like, come on man. So yeah, that's my Top 3 most yelling at the TV.

Kindra: Those are good. My list is going to just, I don't know, get disqualified I'm sure.
Ervin: Is it like hipster gameshows?

Kindra: No, but they are fairly new. Of course I grew up watching Game Show Network. So, Whose Line Is It Anyway I wanted to put on there, but that doesn't feel like quite a game show, even though that would win everything.

Jacob: Doesn't qualify.

Kindra: Yep, but watch Match Game and all of those for as long as I can remember. I left Wheel of Fortune off just because I thought "nope, I'm not going to go with the one I know everyone will include." Super shocked by Jeopardy, but here is what I got. #3 Beat Shazam if you've never watched it, it is a quality game show and it's hosted by Jamie Foxx. But you have to name the song and it's all genres, all eras, it's a great game show. For #2, I put The Wall, which is another new one. Very exciting to watch actually.

Ervin: Oh, it's like plinko.

Kindra: You can have $2 million and then go to $0 in the span of two balls and that throws me off every single time. I just can't imagine losing all that. You have to answer trivia questions to get it. It's a good one and then my #1 I could not get rid of it, was Price is Right.

Ervin: So it seems like the Price is Right is the clear winner of this.

Kindra: I'm going to a live taping. Well, it's not the TV version, but I am going to the Price is Right traveling road show when it comes to Nashville. Pretty excited about that.

Jacob: How is it that we haven't acknowledged the best part about Price is Right?

Ervin: The showcase showdown?

Jacob: No, no, no, no. Before that.

Kindra: The wheel.

Roberts: The wheel is pretty great.

Jacob: Satisfying full body wheel.

Roberts: Yeah. I mean, I really wish I could make that noise that it makes when it's going.

Jessica: Strong showing all the way around. Roberts, you win this round. Family feud last. Price is Right #1. Classic Jeopardy #2. But great showing yall.

Roberts: Yeah. How about the 30 rock parody of Deal or No Deal?

Ervin: Gold case.

Ervin: Gold's really heavy, isn't it?

Roberts: Shut it down. Alright. Sorry, go ahead. Hold on real quick. Just Summer Olympics? Because I just went Summer Olympics.

Roberts: I had an alternate in case it was only summer.

Kindra: I just put summer olympics.

Roberts: Okay. Alright. So just summer.

Ervin: Jacob puts in winter Olympics in his.

Kindra: Alright. So this one would never make my list, but this year it has captured my heart. It is horse dressage. I have watched more dressage more this year than I ever thought possible. Fun fact, in my first advertising class, I did a marketing campaign for a dressage company. So I knew what dressage was, but when you think about the logistics of getting their animals to Tokyo and all that goes into it. I have a new found respect for horse dressage. So #3 horse dressage. #2 this should surprise no one but swimming. Thrilling to watch, makes me yell at my TV. Many, many nights my whole family has been yelling at the TV to cheer on an Olympic swimmer. So swimming, I did not go event specific, just sport specific.

Roberts: Not the 200 meter backstroke?

Kindra: This year they did have the mixed relays, which I find really interesting.

Ervin: The medley.

Kindra: The co-ed relays. Yep. So I thought that was really cool and then #1 absolutely gets the whole crowd going, gymnastics. Talk to the town, all the gymnasts are stellar and I think we're probably the most talked about heading into the Olympics. Kept up the talk throughout the Olympics and are champions all around. So I find myself waking up early to watch them, watching the replay, seeing the social media tweets and posts about it. So gymnastics definitely is queen in this instance.

Jacob: We have to limit how much gymnastics we're willing to watch on the TV because Jenna stands in the rug in the middle of the room and does gymnastic stuff and likes to land on the dog, land on the fireplace, like whatever.

Roberts: Was that a point deduction if she lands on the dog?

Ervin: If the dog gets mad, yeah. If the dog is unscaved it's okay.

Roberts: Alright, I'll go next. So I tried to put some guide rails on mine, looking for events that are delightful or entertaining but completely ignorable for four years. So like sports or athletes that I won't see really or read about at all. So, all the kind of easy ones, tennis, basketball, track, swimming, gymnastics, because they all end up showing up in the news at some point when the world championships roll all around, they'll at least have a mention. So mine are a little bit more obscure, but super fun to watch. My #3 is handball. Super fast paced. The rules are not always entirely clear to anybody other than the people playing the game. Even the people broadcasting it are confused.

Ervin: Did the scoreboard change? Yeah, the scoreboard changed!. Yeah. That counts!

Roberts: #2 is fencing or I know that there are different types of swordplay. But fencing.

Ervin: You would pick something that had swords in it.

Kindra: They always had the electronic lights. Did you see that?

Roberts: They have for a while.

Jacob: They use candles.

Roberts: But the thing that's fascinating about fencing is it's fun to watch, but then also like, you can't really tell what's happening until somebody slows it down in slow-mo for you and you're like, "oh, that's how they got the point." Okay. Got it.

Kindra: That's why I appreciate the green and red lights.

Roberts: Yeah. It's fascinating to just see how quickly these folks are moving. Then #1 is one that I always find myself watching when it's on, but like only in the Olympics and that's like really any kind of diving. I'm fascinated by diving when it's on in the Olympics. But like if I were just flipping through the channels on a Tuesday and there were some diving championships on TV, I'd be like, what's this doing on?

Ervin: It's an Olympic qualifying event. That's pretty much that's it.

Roberts: Yeah. That's my list.

David: I'm going to jump in because I don't want mine to get stolen, because I still have good ones on the board. So #3 I think it's been the front center prime time sport in my lifetime is swimming. It's already been said but swimming is fantastic, I guess. #2 is the track and field decathlon. I think the decathlon is the test of an individual. I think somebody that can gold metal on that is probably has staked a claim to the greatest athlete in the world. #1 goes back to the ancient Olympics. It's the purest competition between two people and it was almost removed this year, believe it or not, is wrestling.

Ervin: I think it's wrastlin.

Jacob: It's absolutely not wrastlin.

Kindra: In the Olympics it's definitely wrestling.

Jacob: David knows all about wrastlin.

Ervin: Greco roman wrestling.

David: You know what I mean. The first half of the 20th century, most of the stars of wrastlin came from actual wrestling. So you have to have a knowledge of both, but yes, that's my list.

Kindra: Did the American girl win gold? silver?

David: I don't know.

Kindra: You really watched it?

David: I have people watch it for me.

Roberts: He gets weekly summaries, okay?

David: I get a newsletter in the mail.

Jacob: Well, I guess that leaves me. You'll hear some repeats here. #3 diving. I think it's always interesting to watch and contrary to Matt's opinion, if I was flipping through the TV and saw diving in the middle of some other season, I would definitely stop and watch.

Roberts: Huh. Okay.

Ervin: You're just hoping for a Belly Buster is what you're doing.

Jacob: I'm hoping for another Greg Louganis.

Ervin: When he hit his head?

Jacob: Yeah, when he hit his head.

Ervin: Sure enough, smacked it on the springboard.

Jacob: Wasn't it like the '86 Olympics or something?

Roberts: '84 I think.

Jacob: It was, it was traumatic to me.

Jacob: No, I was old enough to watch it live.

Roberts: It would have been '88.

Jacob: There we go. Poor Greg. #2 I did go event-specific within gymnastics and that's the vault. Seeing those guys sprint at full speed and occasionally, take it in full force into their chest. You're sort of like, "wow, how'd you survive that?" And #1 I'm with David. Wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling. You guys know my wrestling history and so it's, it's entertaining to see people who are actually good at wrestling do what they do, especially the big guys.

Ervin: So I didn't go, but that's probably okay. I only picked sports that I actually like that I watch and I did throw hockey in there, ice hockey, in the event that we could do winter. The field hockey is just boring. Then I also thought about Olympic tetherball, but I don't think that was in this year. So mine in reverse order was divingI specifically said high diving. I love it when they're on the big platform, like way the heck up in the air. Because I would never jump off of that platform. I would have to have a real good reason and the potential to win a medal is not good enough. Mostly because I couldn't win a medal. #2 was soccer. I like Olympic soccer. I don't watch soccer during the year, but I like Olympic soccer, nothing wrong with it. Then we'd love tennis at my house. Like we watch tennis, we watch all the grand slams and a lot of the US Open series and so I picked the Olympic tennis as my #1. There's no niche to my list. It's all kind of mainstream.

Jessica: Alright. So honorable mentions today are Jacob and Ervin. We appreciate your participation.

Roberts: We honor your mentions.

Ervin: Thank you. Thank you. I'm going to go tweet that on Facebook real quick.

Jacob: I don't like this chatting on the side between judge and the winner.

Ervin: A little smelly.

Jessica: Oh, come on. Y'all always have side chats going, I know it's true because I can see your faces smiling steadily in every staff meeting.

Jacob: We're checking emails.

Ervin: I chat with no one during this podcast. Next time I will. Maybe they're offering you bribes.

Kindra: Yeah. I mean, that's what Kindra did. So coming in at gold, I guess we're really giving it away is Kindra.

Roberts: Do we play the national anthem now?

Ervin: The John Williams Olympic song. You don't have to go for the Anthem.

Jessica: And I think that we'll give Roberts silver and David, bronze. David, so happy to have you back. Roberts, congrats on your silver.

David: Doesn't sound like you're that happy, if I'm getting bronze.

Ervin: You're diminishing the chances of him coming back, which is not good.

David: I'll be competing under the Olympic flag, so do not play my national anthem.

Roberts: Are you part of the Russian Olympic Committee?

Ervin: The Speak Olympic Olympic committee yeah.

Roberts: From myself, our panel today, and all of us at Speak, thanks for getting a little off topic with us. If you liked today's episode, you'd love the content our team is cranking out on our blog, head over to madebyspeak.com to check out the latest and greatest. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe and leave a review on your podcast platform of choice and see you next time.

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