Entirely Off Topic: Ultimate Power Rankings Round 2

Entirely Off Topic: Ultimate Power Rankings Round 2

Did you catch episode 10 of season 1 with all of our ultimate power rankings? We're back again to crown a new champion while debating the best weekend activities, best restaurant appetizers, and life's most overrated things. Join Speak Creative's VPs for an entirely off topic and ridiculous conversation. 


David: Hello everyone and thank you for joining us. Once again, you are listening to the season finale of A Little Off Topic, one agency's water cooler chat on digital marketing, business, and all the things that get in the way, presented by Speak Creative. We are closing the book on the first season of our podcast by revisiting one of our favorite episodes. That's right. Today, we'll be crowning a new champion in our follow-up to the world series of power rankings. My name is David Caffey. I'm Speak's Digital Marketing Manager, and today we'll be ending my run as the host of season one of A Little Off Topic. My fellow competitors joining me today are Speak's VP leadership team. Kindra Svendsen is VP of Client Partnerships. The first of our duo of Matts is Matt Roberts, VP of Marketing and Sales and finally with us again is Matt Ervin, VP of Creative Services. We're also joined today by Jessica Freeman, who is our executive producer, but will act as a referee today. The first world series of power rankings took place in episode 10 and this time, the competition is even more fierce. If you haven't heard that episode, definitely go back and check it out. As I mentioned then, power rankings is a bit of a sport at Speak. A few years ago, our fellow team member Cody Gross posted an article in Slack that ranked the Top Little Debbie Snacks and we didn't agree exactly on that list. That pretty much led to a debate that still isn't over. We have also expanded that to other topics like Disney movies or Taylor Swift songs. Our motto at this point is if it's something you can order in a numbered list, then we are ready to fight about it. This time around, we've assembled a list of power rankings topics that will be selected at random. Each competitor will be given a few minutes to create a Top 5 list of that category. From there, we'll each present our choices and our referee, Jessica will tally up the points and declare a winner. We had a lot of fun with this one, so let's get right to it. As always, we thank you for taking the time to listen to our show today and I hope you enjoy today's season finale of A Little Off Topic.

David: So we are back. The world series of power rankings. Part 2: Spin the wheel, make the deal. We have the competitors from last time, they are unchanged. We are here to crown a champion of power rankings once again to end the first season of our podcast. The way this is going to go is that I have a magic wheel of categories. I have computron the robot, who's going to randomize our names and we're going to go down the list and give our top five rankings for the selected category. Before I begin, we of course have senior official Jessica Freeman here to oversee. Call it right down the middle and declare a winner at the end. Before I begin, any questions? This is your last chance.

Roberts: I have lots of questions.

Kindra: Yeah, I don't think any of them are going to help me.

David: So would anybody like to make wheel sounds after I spin the wheel? You know what? Don't worry about that. I'll do it myself.

David: Oh my God. Can you believe it? I'm not making this up, do you want me to share my screen? The first category is Tiktok trends.

Roberts: Oh no. Come on.

David: Do we want to veto it? We can veto it if you want to. #1 answer is opening up packs of baseball cards. Opening up baseball cards was the #1 answer. Okay.

Jessica: I think we should keep the category. I declare Kindra as the winner since she's the only one who would have something to bring to the table.

David: Would you like me to show you my screen time app right now? Would you like to see how many hours I spent on Tiktok?

Kindra: Not during work, David. Do not incriminate yourself. I'll just tell you what my very favorite Tiktoks are. Can I do that?

David: Like individual Tiktoks?

Roberts: Please.

Kindra: No, it's one person that I follow. I'll find his name while I'm telling you about it, but he works at a preschool, and his little kid sister, I believe her name is Jabria. He says Jabria "are you smart?" and she is so cute and so sassy and always says yes. Then he asks random questions, like "What color is the sky?" and these little two, three, four-year-olds answer with their wildest opinions and he always says, "good job" and it's endless laughter. I'll share it for the team, we'll put him in the show notes.

Ervin: That sounds cute.

Kindra: He is so good. I could watch him all day.

David: Renegade dance, Renegade dance. Best things to do on the weekend? Top five power rankings.

RobertsJust fire them off?

Jessica: I just want both Matts to consider who the judge is, because I think yard work is going to make both of your lists and it's not on mine.

Roberts: Alright. Scratching off working in the garden.

KindraI like that you have two wheels.

David: One's a list randomizer. One's a wheel. It has processed. Number 1, Matt Ervin you're first.

ErvinAlright. So in reverse order, least to greatest. #5 is go for hikes/take the dog for a walk. #4 is have a fire in the firepit. #3 is work in the yard. #2 is spin class and #1 is to cook lots and lots of meat.

Kindra: Sounds like a very Matt Ervin answer.

Ervin: It was Matt Ervin's answer.

Roberts: Well...yeah.

Kindra: I'm going for the Jessica Freeman answer.

Ervin: So I bought myself a rotisserie for my Weber kettle grill a couple of weeks ago. This weekend was the third time that I used it and we made rotisserie chicken. It was delicious. Alright, who's next?

David: Next is me. So let's give this a shot. Coming in at #5 is shopping for a new pair of pants. No better time to do that than the weekend. #4 is looking at Tiktok, #3 is eating a big pizza. #2 is washing the car and saying "howdy" to the neighbors as you're washing it. #1 is sleep. Sleeping by a landslide is just waking up and then go back to sleep.

Ervin: That's a good showing I think.

Roberts: Wake up, eat a big pizza and go back to sleep. Let your body just process it.

Kindra: And go buy pants.

DavidRIP Steinmart. Alright. No beating that, but number 3, Kindra. Take it away.

Kindra: Alright. I've got to put them in the right order. So I'm gonna say nap at #5 because it's been on some other lists here. Nothing better than a good Saturday catnap.

Roberts: Apparently 4 other things are better.

Kindra: Oh, right. #4. I'm going to say brunch or breakfast.

Roberts: Oh.

Ervin: You're so Nashville.

Roberts: You are so playing to your audience here.

David: Go stand in line. We love standing in line. For eggs.

Kindra: Well, listen, I know my audience, but also you can do whatever you want throughout the week. You can't just explore all your breakfast options. When it's the weekend, you can get as crazy as you want to. You can even make it go to lunch or brunch.

Ervin: You can eat three versions of eggs at any point in the week.

Kindra: I do not have that much time in the mornings. It doesn't happen. #3, as you will, I'm going to say binge watch a show. There's lots of good shows out there.

David: Be more specific please.

KindraCan I just say binge watch Netflix?

David: I'm an HBO Max guy so I don't know.

KindraIt's a different show every weekend really. But you get time to just binge watch. If you don't want to do anything, catch a couple episodes of your favorite show. It's great. #2 is hanging out with friends. You might not get a lot of time to hang out with friends throughout the week or you're all busy, but on the weekend there's brunch. There's late nights. There's mid-day. Whatever you want, you can hang out. Watch football games, eat some soup, whatever you'd like.

RobertsOkay. You just named a thing that can contain like 17 other things that feels like a cheat.

JessicaPretty smart if you ask me.

Kindra: And my #1 thing you can do on the weekend is the feeling of freedom. Here at Speak, we have half-day Fridays and there is nothing like walking out or closing your computer on a Friday and having a few hours to do whatever you want before the evening rolls around. I like when that feeling carries on through Saturday and Sunday. I don't have to respond to any emails. No meetings. I can do whatever I want. That feeling of freedom is the best weekend.

RobertsI didn't know we could go existential with our answers.

David: My favorite weekend activity is observing the concept of time. Watching it go by.

Kindra: Haters.

Ervin: Like sitting on the dock of the bay. It's similar to that, right?

David: Something like that. That's my new #1.

Kindra: You could've put that on your list.

David: Matt Roberts. The computron has selected you as the last but not least.

Roberts: Oh, certainly the least. I don't feel great about my list. I briefly considered cheating as you guys were listing better things than I did. Alright. So #5 is going on long walks with the dog, with the wife, enjoying life. We have a Starbucks right around the corner. We'll usually go get Starbucks and then go for a couple mile walk. It's pretty great. #4, I know this will connect with you guys on a deep emotional level. Watch arsenal. Most of the time they lose but watch arsenal. #3 play Nintendo switch. #2 is working in the garden. Which I know doesn't earn me any points for Jessica, but I do enjoy working in the garden. #1 is napping. Sleeping. Enjoying rest.

DavidNothing better than that.

Roberts: That's that's what I've got.

Jessica: There was a mention of Starbucks in there, Matt Roberts, but you're going to win me over if you said an extended coffee routine. There's nothing like a weekend French press or something that you normally don't have time for.

Roberts: I always have time for all types of coffee.

Ervin: I'm sorry. Is the judge coaching the contestants right now? Is that what's going on?

Jessica: A little bit.

Roberts: Isn't that her job?

Ervin: No, that's coach. She's judge.

JessicaWell Judge Jessica says Kindra wins. Brunch/breakfast. Every time.

Roberts: Come on. Whatever.

Ervin: $40 for some eggs. With a side of eggs.

David: Controversy.

Jessica: I made brunch at my own house this weekend.

Kindra: Right. Nobody says that we have to go out for brunch.

Ervin: My friends are so lame. They don't even like brunch. That was a deep hole right there.

David: Alright, folks, we're moving to Round 2. I'm going to spin the wheel. Let's see what we get. Restaurant appetizers. Things you might order at Applebee's or TGI Fridays. Really anywhere.

Ervin: The criteria is things that we think are good as restaurant appetizers?

Roberts: That's a good clarification.

Kindra: So I can't say a restaurant from back home that has an appetizer, right?

DavidDo you have restaurants back home?

Kindra: A few. Believe it or not.

David: You know what? I'm going to leave it open to your interpretation. I'm out. I've got one foot out the door anyway.

Ervin: Shrimp shooters or extreme fajitas. Get some of those.

DavidI'm impressed you remember that.

Kindra: I was thinking you were going to keep up with the alliterations. Shooters.

RobertsI've got two answers. I need three more.

KindraI have Jessica answers and my own answers.

Jessica: Let me just go ahead and say that I think the strength in which you defend your own answers is really what's going to make you shine through. So if you would've put a little more conviction in yard work, maybe it could have risen to the top.

Roberts: Well, you sullied our answers in advance, because you were like, "Better not be yard work!" That's exactly how you sound.

ErvinBut I was true to myself.

KindraThese are appetizers only, right?

David: Appetizers only. If you put a main course or dessert, you're out. You're out the door and you're never coming back.

Kindra: Okay.

David: Computron has blessed Matt Roberts with third. You have some time.


David: I am actually #1 this time. If we're all okay, I'm going to start. I'm going to start with my list. Let's go.

Roberts: Go ahead.

David: #5. This is the wedge salad. This is the only salad I would consider for this list because of the construction. I can choose to chop it up into pieces the way I want to do it. I think it's a standard blue cheese also on a wedge salad. I'm a big blue cheese guy. I also couldn't think of a 5th thing. The first thing I thought was wedge salad. So #4 is just a basket of fries. Just the basket fries. When you want something like a fries and a big basket with a big ketchup or sometimes even a ranch.

Kindra: I'm sorry, but these are not on the appetizer menu. These are all side items.

Roberts: Well, a salad is on the salad menu.

David: Do you order a basket of fries as a side? Not a side of fries? Okay. First of all. #3 is Crab Rangoon. Now Crab Rangoon is specific to a Chinese restaurant and they just kind of appeared one day. I don't remember Crab Rangoon existing for forever, but they just kind of appeared on menus and you can't order from the Chinese restaurant without ordering Crab Rangoon. #2 is the bloomin' onion. Innovation specific to the appetizer world. You might also have heard it called an "awesome blossom", which is no longer available, but the bloomin' onion stands the test of time. #1, the Babe Ruth of restaurant appetizers are mozzarella sticks. They're always there and they're always on the menu. Not great, but they're consistent and they've stuck around and they've stood the test of time once again. That is the top five. There's no topping that. I wish you all the best of luck with Kindra who is next.

Kindra: Okay, well. You had a good three.

Ervin: Yeah. I was gonna say two empty spots. That'll be easy to beat.

Kindra: I also have mozzarella sticks, but I'm putting them as #5. I agree with David. They're consistent. You know what you're getting. One of my favorite memes is where it's like, "do you want six sticks of cheese?" No, that's too much. "What if I deep fry them for you?" Perfect. Like they're consistent. You know what to expect. #4 on my list, also with the cheese, is going to be pretzels with beer cheese dip.

Ervin: That's pretty solid. It's good stuff.

KindraApplebee's has a beer cheese, you can't really go wrong. Especially when you're dipping pretzels in them.

Ervin: Mhmm. That is good fondue.

Kindra#3, keeping with my cheese line of thinking, is good old cheese curds. Way better than mozzarella sticks. Dip them in all sorts of different condiments, but they're great. The good ones squeak if you eat them, if you are a true Wisconsin.

DavidAre you a true Wisconsin?

KindraCheese curd fan.

Ervin: Wisconsin, Missouri.

KindraYeah. It's a small town. #2, I'm already there. I'm going to say the Wonton tacos from Applebee's.

Ervin: You go to Applebee's a lot more than I would have imagined.

David: Yeah, probably above the median level.

Kindra: Listen. That was the fancy restaurant back home.

Ervin: Back in Wisconsin.

David: So when you say the old restaurant back home, you mean Applebee's.

KindraThat's it. There's just an Applebee's. #1 also make it home, because they're so delightful. The lettuce wraps from PF Chang's have to be at the top of my list.

Ervin: That's a solid choice.

Roberts: That's pretty good.

ErvinI do like the lettuce wraps. With that gravy that they give you that they can make really spicy.

KindraYep and the little crispies that you can never recreate quite right at home.

Ervin: I think you have to get those out of a bag.

Kindra: So good.

David: Shoutout to PF. So number 3. That was a great effort. I think #2 doesn't count, but that was a great effort overall. #3. We've got Matt Roberts who hopefully is ready with his list now.

RobertsI am in fact and actually feel really good about my list now, because as Kindra was talking I suddenly had an answer come to mind that needs to be on the list.

Ervin: Wonton tacos?

RobertsNope. Alright. #5 are tots. Tots. Cheese tots. Chili tots.

Kindra: The worst kind of potato. Gross.

David: Would you rather eat a raw potato?

KindraYes, actually.

David: Like an apple?

Roberts: What? Okay.

Ervin: Tots are a side item, but anyway go ahead.

Roberts: Tots with cheese or chili is an appetizer.

ErvinBurger Republic. Side item.

Kindra: They do have an appetizer. They also have brunch tater tots.

RobertsOh, trying to bring it back to brunch. Oh, but she doesn't like tater tots apparently and so nevermind. I'm not going to go there. Okay. So #5 is tots. You can't argue with tots, unless you were to put them higher up on the list and then that would be okay. #4 are hush puppies. hHush puppies are fantastic. They're delightful. They're savory and somehow spicy and sometimes sweet, but they're great. Who doesn't love a hush puppy?

ErvinCrack of the walk hush puppies.

RobertsThat's exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it down. Alright. There's like 7 people in the world who understand what crack of the walk is. But the 7 people who do know that those hush puppies are the bomb. #3 are actually fried pickles. Kind of a mainstay easy, always delicious, hard to screw up. Fried pickles are pretty fantastic.

Kindra: Going back to Missouri, people didn't know what we were talking about, because they were only a Southern thing for quite some time.

Roberts: I feel the need to clarify that there are monsters out there who fry like a wedge of a pickle.

Kindra: Spears. No.

ErvinOh good gosh.

Roberts: They're not doing it right. I think they probably heard that somebody from the South had eaten fried pickles and were like "Oh, I know how to do this." They screwed it up. Yeah. They should be sliced. Anyway. Alright. #2 and this is the one that came to my mind as Kindra was talking. Poutine.

Kindra: Oh, that's a good one.

Ervin: Because you're a Canadaphile.

RobertsI don't know how to respond to that, but yes, I do love Canada. Eating poutine makes me think of Canada. I've really only ever had it in Canada. So thinking about poutine makes me think about Canada.

Kindra: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. David said fries. I said cheese curds. Matt Ervin said a little gravy on top. So I feel like that answer really came together because of our list.

Ervin: Oh, it certainly was cheating. He can't write it down after everybody's talking.

DavidLet the record show that Matt Ervin has not gone yet and his answer was not "a little bit of gravy" for an appetizer.

Kindra: No, it wasn't actually. He was referring to the lettuce wraps. You're right.

RobertsAlright. I'm going to keep going with my completely above board and ethical list. #1. I just called it generally fried cheese. So mozzarella sticks are delightful. But actually what I was thinking of is the little fried cheese that you get at Amerigo's.

ErvinOkay. So wait a minute. You can't be general. Because that's very different. Also on my list, by the way.

RobertsHuh. So Amerigo's fried cheese appetizer thing that I can't think of the name of right now. Fritters. Cheese fritters. That's what they're called.

Ervin: So again, you thought of it after. Just pointing that out, Judge?

RobertsNo no no. I have next to my list. It says "fried cheese - Amerigo". I just couldn't think of the name. So it comes with marinara sauce and it also comes with like this honey mustard sauce. Just throw out the marinara. You're wasting your life if you don't use up every bit of that honey mustard sauce.

Ervin: That spicy mustard sauce, whole grain honey mustard, it's quite fine.

Roberts: Alright. So my list wins. Good luck with second place suckers.

KindraWho is out here going to Amerigo? I think I've been once in my life.

ErvinDid you get the cheese fritters? Because you would go back.

RobertsYeah, I was about to say. For as much as you apparently go to Applebee's, maybe you should just swap it out for Amerigo.

KindraNoted. Give it a shot.

RobertsWe can go back to how great my list is. Do we even need to let you go?

David: That's a solid effort.

JessicaThat appetizer of all appetizers in my book has not yet been named. So there's still plenty of room for first. Matt Ervin. Take us away.

ErvinI will tell you that, first of all, I was very specific. I did not say just "fried cheese" in general. So #5 onion straws, not rings, but the straws. They're a little spicier, good stuff, onion straws. Onion rings to me are a side item. It's rare for you to ever see onion straws as a side item. It's usually an appetizer.

Roberts: You know where you usually see them? On top of Applebee's burgers.

KindraThose are crispy string onions. Thank you.

Ervin#4 is very seriously specific. In Franklin, there's a place called Sopapillas that is like a New Mexico restaurant. They have queso with barbecue brisket in it. It will set you free. It's a little spicy. It's got the smoky, the sweet, it is fantastic. So Sopapilla's queso with barbecue brisket in it. #3? Again, at Sopapillas, they have the trio appetizer. It's a sampler, but it's got their bean dip. It's got their queso, sans the brisket and their guacamole, which is made fresh and it is fantastic. Very, very good. #2 is the Amerigo three cheese fritters that have been nationally recognized as one of the best appetizers in the world. No lie. It's in a magazine. I have the magazine. It's bon appetit.

Roberts: It's called Amerigo magazine.

ErvinAmerigo.com Magazine. That's right. So the Amerigo cheese fritters was #3. Oh, sorry. That was #1. Dang it. Sorry. #2 was the artichoke dip from Amerigo. #1 was the cheese fritters.

KindraSo Matt Ervin has been to two restaurants we've learned.

ErvinWell, they don't have onion straws either Amerigos or Sopapillas. So I've been to those as well.


Jessica: Okay, well, the appetizer of all appetizers in my book is always free and it's chips and salsa.

RobertsOh come on.

DavidLet me tell you about the problems with chips and salsa. First of all, sharing that there is a social agreement of the dipping process. It's like, you have to determine what level am I on with this person? Can I just dip directly or do I have to take a little spoon? It's too much work for me and that's why I did not go with any sort of chip.

ErvinIt is mentally taxing.

David: It's exhausting. By the time I leave that situation, I've got to go back to sleep.

ErvinYeah. But if you go to Sopapillas, they give you your own bowl of salsa, so you don't have to share.

Jessica: That's what we're looking for and queso is in second place and guac is in third. So Matt Ervin is the winner with the introduction of the trio.

Ervin: I will have an order of the cheese fritters sent to you at some point.

Roberts: Okay. I just want to say that's garbage.

DavidThat is hot garbage.

ErvinFried cheese garbage.

RobertsI just want some tortilla chips and some guac, some queso please.

JessicaDavid is in second place with the mention of Crab Rangoon. Everything on that Robert's list, I don't really love other than tots, which was #5 and he got slack for it, so.

ErvinHe is in 5th place.

David: We still have one final round. I have narrowed the categories down to four categories I think are good. So we should have an exciting conclusion here.

RobertsI love that you had a bunch of categories that you were like nah, this is mediocre.

DavidWe've had a lot of food categories and we just talked about food. You know what I mean? So spinning the wheel, let's see the final four categories. It has chosen for us things "that are generally overrated". This is a wide category.

RobertsThe opinions of Jessica Freeman.

RobertsOh, I've got mine!

DavidThe way I wanted to word this, but it wouldn't fit on the wheel spinner, was things I'm tired of hearing about, but generally just overrated concepts.

Roberts: Tiktok.

DavidIf you answered Tiktok, then we're going to come to fisticuffs a couple doors down. Tiktok is a wonderful invention. Kindra will be going first when it is time.

RobertsOh. Alright.

DavidFollowed by Matt Roberts followed by Matt Ervin followed by rounding the last.

RobertsOh, I feel like we need to see the computron here.

David: Oh, I will gladly send a screenshot.

ErvinIt's a text file where he typed out notes. He wrote "computron" at the top.

KindraI'm first?

David: You are first. You may begin when ready.

KindraMy #5 thing might not hit all of you the same way. But bars are overrated. Like going out. Downtown, we're in Nashville. Bars. Overrated. They're fun.

RobertsEspecially in COVID. I don't feel like there's anything controversial.

KindraNo, but I'm saying if I'm going to go out with friends, I would much rather be at a house. Sit around a fire, go out for dinner. Bars are overrated. #4. This might make a couple of people mad Trader Joe's.

ErvinOh man, couldn't agree more. I walked into Trader Joe's and was like, why do people like this place?

KindraIt's Aldi. I like Aldi. Just fine. I also like Kroger. Just fine. Trader Joe's overrated. #3, hustle culture. Hate it. Absolutely hate it. The whole idea of hustle culture. You've got to grind. Repeat. You'll only get there if you churn and burn. Hate all of it. I like naps as we've already established, all of us do, but I think that slow living is better. So hustle culture. Anytime I see it, hate it. #2 hummus. This should not be a surprise to most of you. Hate hummus.

DavidThis is great.

ErvinHow did I leave whipped feta off the list of appetizers?

KindraOh yeah, that would've been a good one.

Ervin: That was a miss.

Kindra: But hummus on the other hand is trash. Chocolate hummus is trash. The only kind I like is if it's super garlicky, but anytime I've bought it myself, made it myself, got it at a restaurant and I regret it. So hummus is overrated. My #1 overrated thing might really get some of you is seltzer. Seltzer of any kind. LaCroix. Hard seltzer. You name it. It's trash.

Roberts: I feel like you're hyping up your list as being controversial and I think everybody's like "yeah, that's right."

Ervin: Everything but hummus. Hummus is good.

KindraI don't know. I'm pretty sure it's the anti-Jessica list.

JessicaShe's right, because a seltzer and the triple layer hummus from Trader Joe's is really my ideal snack. Sorry.

RobertsWe can have a whole other conversation on why anybody can psychologically get to a place where they say that they enjoy seltzer, but we'll do that later. That's fine.

KindraIt's never good.

Roberts: No. "Hey, look, I burped in a can of water and charged you four bucks for it!"

ErvinSomebody stood in the next room and yelled "strawberry!!!" really loud.

DavidHave yall ever had white claws?

KindraTrash. Sure have.

Roberts: Am I next?

David: You are in fact next.

RobertsOkay. I couldn't think of a fifth. So I stole Kindra's so dock me however many points I need.

Ervin: I'm seeing a pattern.

Kindra: No surprise.

Roberts: Whoa, Whoa.

ErvinSorry. What was #5? I missed it.

RobertsI don't know that this actually got recorded or not, but I think leading up into this episode, I told you guys, I don't think quickly. So give me a solid 15 minutes and I can come up with a great list, but anything less than that is going to be pretty trash. Although I am pretty proud of my apps list. So anyway, #5 is Trader Joe's. I completely agree with that. Stole that from Kindra. Trader Joe's I mean, it's fine, but like I don't walk in and think I've arrived at the promised land.

DavidYou ever had cookie butter? Has anybody had cookie butter? Is it just me?

Ervin: They sell that at Kroger.

KindraYeah. Biscoff brand.

RobertsI was about to say that. So that's the other thing about Trader Joe's is people somehow become convinced that only Trader Joe's sells product X.

KindraOne version of it. Meanwhile, Publix has eight.

Roberts: Hey guys have you heard of cookie butter?

ErvinYou're straight up mocking the host.

DavidCrunchy cookie butter.

RobertsOkay so Trader Joe's is my #5 that I stole from Kindra. Okay. #4 is wedge salads. It's like the laziest salad. Somebody was like, "you know what? I bet in the kitchen we can just chop a head of lettuce in a quarter and stick it on a plate and somebody will think it's a salad" and then like they won the bet and so it stayed on the menu. That's how wedge salads originated. #3 is parks and rec.

RobertsWow. Wow. Only because I've watched like the first five episodes and like, it was pretty crap and everybody's like, "Oh no, you got to get to season..." Okay. If I have to sit through several hours of something being crap before it gets good, I have better things to do with my life.

Ervin: Kind of like this list of yours.

RobertsWhoa. Okay. #2 is brunch.

KindraPlease tell me he's in last place.

Roberts: Brunch is fine. I am happy to eat brunch food. I'm happy to be invited to brunch, to go to brunch, but like, it's not like a spiritual experience for me like it is for some people.

ErvinAfter this, I don't think you're getting invited to brunch.

RobertsI don't think I am either.

KindraErvin, was Roberts friend that doesn't like brunch? Is he the one?

ErvinOh, the lame one? No, that's all my friends.

RobertsAnd #1, I love you guys and I love the town you live in, but not nearly as much as the people who live there seem to think #1 is Nashville.

ErvinIt's not just us. It's the 100 people a day that move here too.

KindraPlease tell me why you think it's overrated though.

Roberts: Because you guys have the same experience about Nashville that you do about Trader Joe's. Like guys, Nashville is awesome. You know that we have this thing here and I'm like, "yeah, they have that everywhere." They have Applebee's everywhere, Kindra.

KindraThey only have one in Nashville and that is a moot point. I wish they had more Applebee's here.

ErvinLower on the list because of not enough Applebees.

Kindra: When we get two, it'll rise in the rankings.

ErvinYall already know I'm an old man. #5 is music made without instruments. Computers don't make music.

DavidA flock of seagulls. Synthesizers on the MTV.

KindraWhat about acapella? Like voice? Does that count?

ErvinGet the synthesizers off my MTV. I want to watch videos of guys playing guitar.

KindraWhat about acapella? Pentatonix? How do you feel?

Ervin: I mean if you look at my Spotify list, they're nowhere to be found. That was #5.

Roberts: Matt's just sitting there thinking "somebody get a guitar".

David: What is on yours? Is it like sea shanties and stuff? Pirate music?

Ervin: Like Beethoven. He's pretty good.

DavidThe dog?

ErvinCharles Grodin. It's great. So I couldn't think of a good fifth one. So that was where that one came from. #4 is a gas station hot dogs.

David: Who's rating those highly so they're considered overrated?

KindraThe same people that rated wedge salads, I guess.

Roberts: I think you and I both had them on our power rankings.

Ervin: I actually heard somebody talking about that the other day. He was like "Oh man, that's my weakness." I was like, you are not very strong. No kidding, I did hear a dude say that. Number #3 is reality TV. If I could stop seeing advertisements for The Bachelor, I would be a much better person.

KindraThere's so many categories of reality TV though.

ErvinAll of them.

Kindra: Wow.

Ervin: Because it's not real. It's scripted just like everything else. They just don't pay the union rate. Like that's reality TV.

Roberts: Wait, what?

Ervin: Trust me, look. Have you ever seen the old guys in the Muppets that sit up? That's me and they know a lot. So #2 is 30a.

RobertsYeah! I almost said that, but I felt like I was going to be ripping an answer from your last power rankings.

KindraThat's false though.

Ervin: It is overrated.

KindraAs far as beaches go, that is one of the best in the world. I admit 30a culture, I guess. But as far as beaches go?

Ervin: The beaches in Destin are just as nice as 30a now. Now, Gulf Shores, you're a little too close to the Mississippi sound and it's kind of nasty.

KindraI'll give you that. You're talking about specifically like the highway and the culture?

ErvinThe stickers. Then #1. I had this written down. It was the first thing I wrote down and it was brunch

Kindra: So is Jessica ranking these in order of what has triggered her the most or what she also thinks is overrated?

DavidI'll make it quick. #5, the Lord of the Rings film franchise. They are four hours long each, all they do is throw a ring in a volcano, who cares?

RobertsDude. Spoilers.

David: #4 is not hustling because every day I wake up and I rise and I grind and I try to get this money. #3 is handshakes. Does anybody miss handshakes? Do they need to come back? We could dab each other up. I think all the alternatives we have discovered recently are great. #2 is coffee. I have found in my research, many ways to ingest caffeine. I am dizzy and everything hurts all the time, but it's far more effective than a hot beverage that tastes the way it tastes. #1 is the outside. On the inside, we have electricity. We have air conditioning. We have running water. We have TV. Why would you ever want to leave all that behind and go outside. #1 is the outside. It does conclude my list.

JessicaI don't know if anybody wins that round. I didn't like any of it. All the things that you all say are overrated maybe are underrated in my book. But if I had to declare a winner overall, I think it's going to be our pal David. Sorry, Matt Roberts. You're a close second. But you know, we're sending David off and it just feels like he's the winner of the ultimate power rankings, for sure.

Ervin: When you amalgamate everyone else's answers, you get a pretty good list usually. A second place list actually.

David: Outdoors has finally been handed a much earned defeat and I'm glad it was because of me.

Roberts: There you go.


Jessica: You're right. In these unprecedented times, the outdoors is really just so overrated.

David: Look at all this stuff we got in here. This is great. I got lights.

Ervin: At the end of the day, Outdoors is overrated.

Kindra: Have you ever heard of the sun?

DavidNo, I've never heard of the sun.

KindraWe have the sun in Nashville, but I know it's so overrated.

DavidMuch more expensive there though. That's the thing.

Ervin: That's right. Like 30% more here.

DavidFarm to table sun though.

DavidWell, that is it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I am extremely honored that I was selected as today's winner. I join our previous champion, Matt Ervin, in the hall of champions and like I said, I'll be glad to defend this title at any time, anywhere. You name the place, I'm ready to power rank. Thank you again to our fellow competitors for their sportsmanship. I still have the utmost respect for them, even though they're all 100% wrong all the time. As I mentioned in the intro, today is the final episode of season one of A Little Off Topic.

And with that marks the end of my run as a host, I'll be returning to my digital marketing and SEO world for the remainder of 2021. But will definitely remain a loyal listener and hopefully a future guest. We'll be back shortly with all new episodes and a new host, but the same great topics as well as our excellent panel of VPs. If you're interested in our episodes where we're a little more on topic, we have a ton of content that touches on the various facets of content strategy, web design, digital marketing, and more on our blog. Head ever been madebyspeak.com to check out the latest and greatest there. As always, if you have questions or feedback for today's episode, we'd love to hear from you. What did we get right? What did we get wrong? And what are your best power rankings? Speak is on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, whichever social media platform you prefer.We are there. If you enjoy the show, I ask you to please subscribe and leave a review on your podcast platform of choice. So from myself, our panel today, and all of us at Speak. Thank you for getting A Little Off Topic with us.

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