Do you really need an app?

Do you really need an app?

Of course you do. You'd expect that answer from us because app development is a major part of our business. There are solid reasons why you need an app, here are a few.

Remember in the early 2000's when everyone was really scrambling to get online. Few knew how to do it well or what was really possible. It took a couple of years, but the market developed and competition began to increase. Those first to the market with a quality web presence gained market share and frequently became market leaders.

The mobile market is in the toddler stage now and will be in the running stage before you know it (4G LTE is the catalyst there). The mobile market's infancy isn't the same as the web's, but those first to market with a quality app presence will gain market share and have an opportunity to become market leaders.

Consider this: 4 of every 5 mobile media minutes are spent with apps vs. a mobile browser (comScore Moblie Metrix 2.0).

Why are apps so popular? They provide a much better experience than a mobile website can. Smartphone users prefer apps, so their behavior is to look for an app first, then resort to a mobile website second. Smartphone users are being conditioned now to expect more from an app and more from brands that use apps.

Providing an app for your customers gives them a better experience with your brand. An app also makes you a first choice for mobile users over a competitor who does not offer an app.

Need more convincing? We'd love to take a shot it. Give us a call.

Posted by Matt Ervin at 8:00 AM