Wolf River Conservancy (Memphis, TN) Website Design

Do You Need a Redesign? New Website Creates Movement for Wolf River Conservancy

With more than seven billion people using the Internet, keeping your website up-to-date and usable can help you accomplish your digital marketing goals. Speak has worked with numerous clients over the years, one of which is the Wolf River Conservancy, on multiple redesign projects, keeping pace with brand growth and evolving technology.

Our relationship with The Wolf River Conservancy began four years ago in 2011, when the organization came to Speak to enhance their current web presence. Their website was outdated and didn't bring any of the beautiful conservancy imagery into the online space.

Before First Redesign:

website redesign | responsive web design | Speak Creative

After 2011 Speak Redesign:

website redesign | responsive web design | Speak Creative

The 2011 redesign improved design and functionality and migrated the organization to an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), equipping their team with the ability to manage the website and easily update site information.

After three years, the introduction of responsive design, and increased mobile website traffic, the Wolf River Conservancy decided that a new redesign would help them accomplish future goals for the organization. Keith Cole, Executive Director, commented: 

“In 2011, upon the launch of the Wolf River Conservancy website the conservancy improved its messaging and branding considerably. However, with the tremendous growth of mobile devices since our original launch we needed a website that was more “responsive’ to our mobile users.”


For their just launched website, the Conservancy sought a site that was more mobile-friendly with enhanced design, improved functionality, increased engagement, and that incorporated more social media. With these specific goals in mind, the new website was born.

website redesign | responsive web design | Speak Creative


Below are a few ways the new Conservancy website accomplished these goals. To view the site in full, visit www.wolfriver.org.


Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Sizing The new Wolf River Conservancy website is responsive, which means it adjusts for any screen size while maintaining brand integrity and content. With responsive design, they only have to manage content in one place as opposed to updating mobile templates and don’t have to worry about what size the next phone or tablet will be. Regardless of the device size, their site will always look great. 



ImproveD Functionality

Maps and activity information are two important elements for users of the Wolf River site and our design team worked to improve these through creative navigation. We also added a weather widget (seen above) so that paddlers, cyclists and walkers can always be up-to-date on the trail's weather conditions. 

Another area of importance is the Education program. With the generous support of Buckman Labs, the Wolf River Conservancy aims to improve the educational resources offered through the website to educators, students, and other members of the community. To help them accomplish this, we created a portal page that will aid users in finding education information related to them.


Better Design

The Wolf River Conservancy wanted to introduce color to the website and this was done by associating colors with each top level navigation item. The homepage brings together new colors, calls-to-action, events and news in a way that engages the user and gives them a snapshot of all the Wolf River Conservancy has to offer. 


Increased Engagement

Based on our Google Analytics research, it was clear that the primary users were outdoor enthusiasts between the ages of 25 and 35. Focusing on those users, and in order to align with The Conservancy’s goal to increase giving, opportunities to engage in activity and partner with the Conservancy were added to the side of the page and follow the user throughout the site.


Incorporated Social Media

With Instagram usage continually growing, an Instagram feed was added to the bottom of the website which stays up-to-date with recent photos from The Conservancy's account. In addition, we moved them to a blog within SiteWrench that allows them to schedule and post articles directly to social media.

“Our goal was to make the Wolf River Conservancy website the “go to” source for any information related to the Wolf River and its watershed,” Cole added. “We believe our latest version of our website has accomplished that goal and will help us to continue to improve our messaging and branding to the Mid-South community. Our new site encourages the user to want to know more about our mission and work at the Conservancy.”


The overall look and feel of the website should properly represent the organization, and the latest redesign for Wolf River Conservancy does just that. The commitment to keeping their online presence fresh and new will continue to drive interaction with their visitors and strengthen their brand. 

Does your website represent your company? Do you have new ideas or new markets that should be integrated into your site? Our team creates movement through redesign and can breathe new life into your site. To discuss your ideas, contact our team of website design pros.

Posted by Amy Dunbar at 08:06